Digitally sign your documents with the new AFAS connector
Digitale handtekening

April 22,  2021 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM

The new AFAS connector enables users to submit documents to be signed in AFAS. Every process that requires signing can be monitored from A to Z in the system. Immediately after digitally signing the document, it is archived in the correct location in AFAS. In addition to improvements in the look and feel of the connector, this release includes new functionalities such as setting the sender e-mail and including a reminder schedule. This seamless integration ensures a shorter turnaround time and offers a better insight into the signing process.

During the webinar you learn everything about the different functionalities of the connector and how it works. The reminder schedule is one the new functionalitities of the AFAS connector. This functionality enables users to schedule the sending of reminders in advance so that signatures are no longer delayed. The user can indicate per signing request which reminder scheme should be used.
In addition the sender of the transaction from AFAS can monitor the transaction in his / her own ValidSign mailbox. While the signing requests are currently still sent and managed from a general e-mail address.  With this functionalitity it is possible to opt for a personal sending.

As soon as the documents have been fully signed, they are automatically written back to AFAS, including an audit trail. These documents will be automatically removed from the ValidSign environment after the update. However, it is possible to keep the documents available for some time on the ValidSign environment, wherefore the external signers can download and archive the documents. The standard retention time is 14 days. This only applies to signed documents.

Does your organization make use of AFAS and would you like to know what the digital signature can do for it? Register now for the free webinar!


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