APELDOORN – CaseWare International, traditionally an international financial statement specialist based in Toronto, has grown over the past decade to be a full practice supporter in the accountancy market. It supports accountants worldwide from its open platform CaseWare Cloud, which allows accountants to carry out all their assignments from start to finish. CaseWare Nederland is with 65 employees within four Dutch branches, the Dutch distributor of CaseWare International. The platform is distributed worldwide and tailored per distributor to the wishes of the accountancy market in the country of the business. “Think global act local has always been our starting point,”says Richard Schiphorst, Managing Director at CaseWare Netherlands. The transition from a desktop platform to the Cloud collaboration platform allows the company to expand its range of solutions.

Quality and reliability

Since March this year, CaseWare Netherlands has been using validsign’s online signature. The reason for this was that the process of signing processing agreements sub went optimally because documents both drafted, printed, signed, scanned, sent by e-mail and had to be archived manually afterwards. CaseWare Netherlands realized that the process for signing could be more efficient. Schiphorst: “We stand for quality and reliability and want to radiate this to our customers. With ValidSign we can make this happen, because all necessary steps in a single act are successfully completed and the documents remain transparent after signature in the ValidSign portal. In addition, the option to set an attachment order makes it almost impossible to send incorrect documents or to specify incorrect recipients”.

Partnership with ValidSign

CaseWare Nederland initially ended up at ValidSign because of the received references about the solution from its own customer base. In January 2019, the integration with ValidSign came about from the CRM and document management system “AuditCase”. What makes the ValidSign and AuditCase combination so strong? The entire process of an accounting firm, of the creation of the document, the internal approval process, the status information and archiving are handled in one go. For both CaseWare Netherlands and its customers, they are ready within one action and the rest are automated. “The solution for signing ValidSign was the missing link in our workflow optimization”, says Schiphorst.

The integration with AuditCase is just the beginning of the collaboration between ValidSign and CaseWare Netherlands. CaseWare offers a total solution for accounting firms, where accounting firms can decide for themselves which sharing apps they want or don’t want to use depending on the assignment. Such apps include the PBC+ app for standardised document retrieval and the WWFT+ app realizes the entire Wwft registration for customers. “By integrating validsign’s solution with this, the process could be fully optimized. I am convinced that this will be achieved in the near future,” schiphorst outlines.

Time savings

All outgoing processing agreements and commercial documents within CaseWare Netherlands are currently offered digitally for signature via ValidSign. Because the solution integrates seamlessly with AuditCase, ValidSign already provided 20 to 40 minutes of time savings on the handling of the total document sign process within a month of delivery. “We chose to do the extradition of ValidSign through a web session, which could be scheduled immediately after the signing of the offer. And soon after validsign’s extradition, we had provided the various means of communication with our own corporate identity and our employees were able to get away with it,” says Richard.

More ValidSign in the future

For CaseWare Netherlands, digital signing has proved to be an inevitable step. It is therefore no longer possible to think away from the processes within CaseWare Nederland. If it is up to Richard, the solution will not only be used for processing agreements and commercial documents but will soon also be applied to the entire HR department for, among other things, the signing of employment contracts.

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