What is the digital signature

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What is the digital signature?

A digital signature is an electronic variant of a handwritten signature. The signature consists of electronic data that is linked to a digital document. There is a difference between a standarddigital signature, an advanced digital signature and a qualified digital signature.

ValidSign supports both the advanced as the qualified signature. In close cooperation with KPN, ValidSign offers both the advanced and qualified signing solution.

Because of the strategic partnership with KPN (see press release) it is even possible to sign qualified from the cloud.

Standard electronic signature

The standard electronic signature ensures that a signature is linked to electronic data. This can include a document or e-mail.

This makes the standard electronic signature suitable for establishing the identity of the signer. For example, a standard electronic signature is a scanned signature.

However, a disadvantage of this signature is that the identity of the signer cannot always be verified. ValidSign no longer requires scanning.

standard electronic signature
advanced eSign

Advanced digital signature

The advanced digital signature consists of data that is linked to an electronic message. By linking this data, it is possible to identify someone as if it were a handwritten signature.

Because of these attributes, the requirements as they are described in Article 26 eIDAS are met. As a result, this signature provides extra security and is also legally valid.

Since both the sender and the customer can digitally sign the document, the process is accelerated and fully digitally handled.

Qualified electronic signature

The qualified electronic signature is a signature with a qualified certificate. Such a certificate is a digital file that has been added to the original document.

There are special bodies that issue certificates, the so-called certification service providers. The Dutch government uses a certificate issued by Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-government.

These signatures are always legally binding.

qualified digital signature
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