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Digitale handtekening

It’s September again. The summer holidays ended… Back to work! Do you prefer to stay in the relaxed summer atmosphere all year round? At least our customers do! By signing documents digitally, you make it relaxed not only for yourself, but also for external signers. Zo kunt u zonder stress al uw documenten digitaal versturen, (laten) ondertekenen en afronden.

No more stress by digitalsigning:

  • You need to do less actions. Printing, scanning and posting is a thing of the past with the digital signature. Documents can be sent digitally and signed with one click. After signing, documents will be completed back into your system, after which you can archive them.
  • You no longer have to come to the office to sign documents. With the digital signature, you can sign place and time independently, on any electronic device. For example, you can sign contracts or quotes digitallyvia your tablet or mobile phone.
  • You have insight into the sign-up process. ValidSign allows you to see at any time which documents still need to be signed. You can easily send reminders to recipients. Compared to the paper sign process, documents are no longer lost and it is always clear where the documents are located.
  • You improve your customer experience. You make it easy not only for yourself, but also for your customers. You can easily send sign requests via ValidSign, after which you will receive the sign request via email. By clicking on the link in the email, the customer ends up in the document. One click can then be signed. You have to do less actions, but so does the customer! Win-win.
  • You’re speeding up your business. Because you have to do fewer actions compared to the paper-intensive sign process and digital signing any place and any time possible, contracts can be signed more quickly. In short: you close more deals in a shorter time.

Why make it yourself difficult when it could make it easier for yourself? Many companies have already preceded you and experienced the convenience of digital signing, all year round.

Do you want to learn more about how you can stay in a relaxed summer atmosphere with ValidSign? Please contact us.

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