artikelen over rechtsgeldig digitaal ondertekenen

Ervaar de kracht van de digitale handtekening.

Centric and ValidSign strengthen partnership

Gouda/Deventer, 12 April 2021- Centric, one of the largest IT service providers in the Netherlands, strengthens its partnership with ValidSign, market leader in the Benelux in the field of digital signing. Both organizations pool their knowledge and expertise to make...

Our new Batchsigning solution

We have some great news! Lately our developers have been working on the new batchsigning capability of ValidSign. This standalone solution has not only got a new user interface, but also a lot of new features. We'll tell you more about the new ValidSign Batchsigning....

How does your organization remain reliable for external parties during a new wave of ransomeware attacks?

You may have heard about it, but we would like to remind you again of a possible new wave of ransomware attacks. Since last week, there have been several reports by organizations that have received phishing emails with malicious software. Cyber criminals block...

5 reasons to sign digitally with ValidSign from AuditCase

AuditCase is a CRM system and document management system (DMS) of CaseWare. This software allows the accountant to carry out most of his work in a streamlined way. The combination of a CRM system and DMS system is quite unique because you create a document from your...


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