artikelen over rechtsgeldig digitaal ondertekenen

Ervaar de kracht van de digitale handtekening.

Feel free on vacation: empower your colleague in ValidSign

How recognisable: you are almost going on holiday but everything still needs to be completed at work before you leave. So are the documents to be signed in ValidSign. Documents are still pending, the customer has yet to sign or new transactions have yet to be created....

Continue the summer atmosphere with ValidSign

It's September again. The summer holidays ended... Back to work! Do you prefer to stay in the relaxed summer atmosphere all year round? At least our customers do! By signing documents digitally, you make it relaxed not only for yourself, but also for external signers....

Sign Face2Face during the kitchen table conversation

The kitchen table conversation: an important agreement between the municipality and the citizen in which decisions are made for support for the individual. The signing of a report or decision document often also plays a role in this. Signing often still happens on...

Graphic signature: what is it and how does it work?

Did you know that you can add your own graphic signature to your ValidSign account? When you digitally sign documents, your personal scribble will appear on the document. Learn more about the graphic signature and how to install it. Graphic signature Digital signing...


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