Digitally sign your documents in Sharepoint Online

Digitally sign your documents in Sharepoint Online

March 11, 2021 10:00 AM– 10:30 AM

The updated SharePoint connector enables endusers to sign or have your documents signed directly in SharePoint without having to leave the platform. In this way you can provide a better service to (new) customers. The integration links transactions to objects in Salesforce. The signed documents are immediately archived in the right place in Salesforce and the audit trail is made available.

The ValidSign-SharePoint connector has been further expanded, wherefore users can digitally sign even more efficiently.
The connector now supports Text tags and Templates, wherefore you don’t have to determine where to put a signature every time. When you add or remove a new paragraph in a document, this tag simply goes along with it. The text tag is simply a typed piece of code that the signing solution recognizes and sees that a signature of, for example, the first signer must be placed there. In additon, multiple external authentication methods such as iDIN and qualified signing have been added.

It is also possible to sign qualified. The qualified digital signature is an electronic signature with a qualified certificate, a so-called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) – government certificate.

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