Building bridges with ValidSign’s digital signature

Building bridges with ValidSign’s digital signature

As one of the 21 regional water authorities in the Netherlands, Waterschap Rivierenland is driven by the mission “to ensure safe dikes and a balanced water system.” Waterschap Rivierenland operates in the provinces of Zuid-Holland, Gelderland, Noord-Brabant and Utrecht, from a centrally located office located in Tiel. The organisation takes care of various tasks in the field of water management including water quality and quantity, waterway management, flood defences and calamity care.


Process optimisation

Since September of 2019 Waterschap Rivierenland has been using the digital signature of ValidSign. The reason for this was to optimise the process of signing several agreements in the department of Land Affairs. For the conclusion of agreements, the department is heavily dependent on external signatories who cannot sign at the same time and at the same location. Documents were prepared, printed out, placed in a folder, signed internally, sent to the customer by post, signed by the customer, returned, internally checked, the cover letter was added, re-signed internally and sent back again by a messenger. The lead time of this process was at least two weeks. Cindy Lelie, Land Affairs employee at Waterschap Rivierenland: ” With ValidSign, an agreement can be completed within an hour. All necessary steps are now successfully completed in a single action. There’s no longer need for a printer and the documents no longer have to be sent by post to contractors.”


Dashboard Overview

In addition, ValidSign makes it possible to monitor transactions. The dashboard displays all transactions. Lely says: “I can see when and by whom the transaction was created. You can also monitor who has already signed his or her signature and who is still waiting. If a signature is delayed, the reminder functionality will be used and the signer will receive a request to sign the document.”


Customer satisfaction

Shortly after the implementation, the employees were already able to use ValidSign and various business processes were accelerated by using the digital signature. At the moment, the solution is used to sign the user agreements including rent, lease, maintenance and loan agreements. “We stand for reliability and professionalism and we would like to express this. ValidSign contributes to this with the user-friendly platform, the beautifully designed website and the fast support department.” says Lelie. As a result, the customer also receives the right service from Waterschap Rivierenland.


ValidSign Expansion

For Waterschap Rivierenland, digital signing has proved to be an inevitable step. In the future, it will not only remain with the digital signing of user agreements within the department of Land Affairs. “Purchase contracts in the Procurement department and legal documents in the Legal Department are also likely to be digitally signed in the future,” says Lelie.

ValidSign and CreAim join forces

Deventer, 10 August 2020 – ValidSign has partnered up with the specialist in SBR/XBRL and customer portals, CreAim. The integration between CreAim and ValidSign makes it possible to legally sign documents from the CreAim customer portal in a quick and familiar way.

John Lageman, Director at ValidSign: “We are an Enterprise solution and strive to give customers a
streamlined signing process. Like ValidSign, CreAim has a strong presence in the
Accountancy market and the integration of ValidSign with CreAim allows us to help our customers
be of better service.”

Martijn Boshuis, Managing Director at CreAim says: “ValidSign’s signing solution was the
missing link within our customer portal. We continuously innovate and improve our products
so that accountants can go through their processes as efficiently as possible. The digital signature is
such an innovation.”.

The digital signature contributes greatly to professionalisation
ValidSign’s digital signature solution accelerates business processes by
automating document signing. The digital signing of an agreement is done through a
secure environment and is fully legally valid. ValidSign is the market leader in the field of digital
signing in the benelux and more than 1000 organisations are currently signing their
documents with ValidSign. By using ValidSign, signing errors are reduced and strengthens the legal and
compliance position. With this solution, documents can be accessed from any mobile device
and by multiple people are signed digitally. More information:

About CreAim
Since 2001, CreAim has only one goal: to improve your communication and online
cooperation with your customers. We innovate and we continuously improve and we do everything we can to
provide you with a safe and user-friendly portal. Our strength is the unique combination of
innovative power, market knowledge and technological knowledge. CreAim is a specialist in the field of
SBR/XBRL, customer portals and digital signing. We supply SBR Assurance modules,
customer portals and signing software to accounting firms, accounting firms,
tax advisors, bailiffs, notaries and payroll processors. In the meantime,
more than 1500 offices and 135,000 end users have used CreAim software. With
more than 15 specialists who daily support our customers and continuously put our products
to the test. Sometimes we expand the software, but other times we simplify it again.
We always look at the safety, reliability and privacy protection of our

FC Volendam kicks off with digital signing

Since March this year, the First Division Cooperative has been signing all its contracts, including sponsorship and player contracts, digitally valid sign. Every club within the organization will be made known by an individual rendition, provided by ValidSign, within the signing platform FC Volendam kicked off last week through a web session.

Remco van der Ende, Operational Manager at FC Volendam: ‘I am convinced that the digital signature will bring a lot to our club. FC Volendam will use ValidSign to sign all sponsorship contracts. In this way we can quickly and efficiently obtain the necessary signatures.’

Despite the crisis of the moment, deals can be concluded and the signing process within the club will not come to a standstill.

Engie chooses ValidSign as signing platform

Engie chooses ValidSign as signing platform

The energy supplier of green electricity and gas now signs digitally with ValidSign. ENGIE will initially use the signing solution in the Finance department. Payment orders previously brought internally from one agency to another to be signed are now signed in a few clicks and sent directly to the controller for verification. Both user-friendliness and SharePoint online integration were the deciding factor to opt for ValidSign.

Free family subscription Julianatoren!!

In collaboration with one of our customers, Children’s theme park Juliana Toren in Apeldoorn we can give away a family subscription. Our marketing manager will personally present the prize to the winner. Volg ons op Linkedin, Instagram en Twitter, en like en share het bijbehorende bericht om kans te maken! You can participate until Thursday 2 May, the day we will announce the winner. All participants will be included in an online generator that randomly chooses a winner.

Continue the summer atmosphere with ValidSign

Continue the summer atmosphere with ValidSign

It’s September again. The summer holidays ended… Back to work! Do you prefer to stay in the relaxed summer atmosphere all year round? At least our customers do! By signing documents digitally, you make it relaxed not only for yourself, but also for external signers. Zo kunt u zonder stress al uw documenten digitaal versturen, (laten) ondertekenen en afronden.

No more stress by digitalsigning:

  • You need to do less actions. Printing, scanning and posting is a thing of the past with the digital signature. Documents can be sent digitally and signed with one click. After signing, documents will be completed back into your system, after which you can archive them.
  • You no longer have to come to the office to sign documents. With the digital signature, you can sign place and time independently, on any electronic device. For example, you can sign contracts or quotes digitallyvia your tablet or mobile phone.
  • You have insight into the sign-up process. ValidSign allows you to see at any time which documents still need to be signed. You can easily send reminders to recipients. Compared to the paper sign process, documents are no longer lost and it is always clear where the documents are located.
  • You improve your customer experience. You make it easy not only for yourself, but also for your customers. You can easily send sign requests via ValidSign, after which you will receive the sign request via email. By clicking on the link in the email, the customer ends up in the document. One click can then be signed. You have to do less actions, but so does the customer! Win-win.
  • You’re speeding up your business. Because you have to do fewer actions compared to the paper-intensive sign process and digital signing any place and any time possible, contracts can be signed more quickly. In short: you close more deals in a shorter time.

Why make it yourself difficult when it could make it easier for yourself? Many companies have already preceded you and experienced the convenience of digital signing, all year round.

Do you want to learn more about how you can stay in a relaxed summer atmosphere with ValidSign? Please contact us.