Share your signing moment and receive the book “ELITE”

Share your signing moment and receive the book “ELITE”

Where was the last time you did it? A digital signing platform is indispensable for organisations in today’s crisis. Many people are forced to work from home. We are therefore curious who has already signed a document from the sofa, at the kitchen table or perhaps from bed. Share your photo on LinkedIn that shows you signing a document with ValidSign and receive Almar Otten’s exciting crime novel ELITE.

The missing link in our workflow optimization

The missing link in our workflow optimization

APELDOORN – CaseWare International, traditionally an international financial statement specialist based in Toronto, has grown over the past decade to be a full practice supporter in the accountancy market. It supports accountants worldwide from its open platform CaseWare Cloud, which allows accountants to carry out all their assignments from start to finish. CaseWare Nederland is with 65 employees within four Dutch branches, the Dutch distributor of CaseWare International. The platform is distributed worldwide and tailored per distributor to the wishes of the accountancy market in the country of the business. “Think global act local has always been our starting point,”says Richard Schiphorst, Managing Director at CaseWare Netherlands. The transition from a desktop platform to the Cloud collaboration platform allows the company to expand its range of solutions.

Quality and reliability

Since March this year, CaseWare Netherlands has been using validsign’s online signature. The reason for this was that the process of signing processing agreements sub went optimally because documents both drafted, printed, signed, scanned, sent by e-mail and had to be archived manually afterwards. CaseWare Netherlands realized that the process for signing could be more efficient. Schiphorst: “We stand for quality and reliability and want to radiate this to our customers. With ValidSign we can make this happen, because all necessary steps in a single act are successfully completed and the documents remain transparent after signature in the ValidSign portal. In addition, the option to set an attachment order makes it almost impossible to send incorrect documents or to specify incorrect recipients”.

Partnership with ValidSign

CaseWare Nederland initially ended up at ValidSign because of the received references about the solution from its own customer base. In January 2019, the integration with ValidSign came about from the CRM and document management system “AuditCase”. What makes the ValidSign and AuditCase combination so strong? The entire process of an accounting firm, of the creation of the document, the internal approval process, the status information and archiving are handled in one go. For both CaseWare Netherlands and its customers, they are ready within one action and the rest are automated. “The solution for signing ValidSign was the missing link in our workflow optimization”, says Schiphorst.

The integration with AuditCase is just the beginning of the collaboration between ValidSign and CaseWare Netherlands. CaseWare offers a total solution for accounting firms, where accounting firms can decide for themselves which sharing apps they want or don’t want to use depending on the assignment. Such apps include the PBC+ app for standardised document retrieval and the WWFT+ app realizes the entire Wwft registration for customers. “By integrating validsign’s solution with this, the process could be fully optimized. I am convinced that this will be achieved in the near future,” schiphorst outlines.

Time savings

All outgoing processing agreements and commercial documents within CaseWare Netherlands are currently offered digitally for signature via ValidSign. Because the solution integrates seamlessly with AuditCase, ValidSign already provided 20 to 40 minutes of time savings on the handling of the total document sign process within a month of delivery. “We chose to do the extradition of ValidSign through a web session, which could be scheduled immediately after the signing of the offer. And soon after validsign’s extradition, we had provided the various means of communication with our own corporate identity and our employees were able to get away with it,” says Richard.

More ValidSign in the future

For CaseWare Netherlands, digital signing has proved to be an inevitable step. It is therefore no longer possible to think away from the processes within CaseWare Nederland. If it is up to Richard, the solution will not only be used for processing agreements and commercial documents but will soon also be applied to the entire HR department for, among other things, the signing of employment contracts.

City of Utrecht: “ValidSign spreads like an oil slick”

City of Utrecht: “ValidSign spreads like an oil slick”

Utrecht, 30-1-2020. Dutch municipalities today have to deal with the digitisation task of government. Sustainability plays an important role in this. Processes can be digitized in different ways and the digital signature is one of them. ValidSign’s solution has been supporting the city of Utrecht since the beginning of 2018 in its digitisation process. For the municipality with more than 1000 employees, the solution has become indispensable.

Process optimization and insight
Within a municipality, a huge number of documents are signed. Complex sign-up processes are regularly involved when multiple signatories who are not working in the same location have to sign one and the same document. “Documents were previously drawn up, printed, signed, scanned, sent by mail or mail and archived manually afterwards. As a result, documents remained for a long time, damaged or came back incomplete. Fortunately, this no longer happens within the processes where ValidSign is used.”, says Frank Visser, Functional Administrator at the Municipality of Utrecht.
The Municipality of Utrecht ended up at ValidSign by tendering a European tender and during the project “Digital signing externally” in 2018 they started the platform. Process optimization was initially the reason to arrange ValidSign. The digital signature solution allows documents to be sent out digitally for signature, eliminating a whole number of steps from the sign-up process and their status is insightful afterwards. At the time, a pilot was launched for the signing process on evictions for social rented housing. A rent arrears of 2 months can give the municipality reason to remove the tenant of a social rented property from the property. ValidSign allows an eviction form to be signed digitally without the chance that citizen data will be available on the street.

Organisation broad
“We realized that the digital signature could provide a solution for many more colleagues. The fact that most ValidSign users within the municipality of Utrecht have started using the solution by word of mouth is actually enough. The ease that the solution brings is unprecedented. A few months ago, a news item about ValidSign was posted on the intranet page of the municipality. As a result, more questions about the solution poured in,” says Visser. Ali Provily and Frank Visser have been held responsible for the roll-out of the signing solution within the municipality of Utrecht. Thanks to the user-friendliness of ValidSign, they got to know the product well enough within a short time frame to be able to transfer it internally to colleagues. They host at least two internal ValidSign demonstrations every week.
ValidSign is therefore being used for more and more processes within the Municipality of Utrecht. First of all, the Purchasing Department makes the most of the solution to have both internal and external documents, including procurement contracts, signed digitally. For example, it could take weeks for a purchase contract to be completed. By sending the contract digitally for signature, it will be completed within a few hours. If it takes too long, a reminder will be sent to the signer so that he or she signs the document on the same day. ValidSign is also used by the HR department to sign secondment contracts that hire external employees. Previously, one depended on the physical presence of a signatory and now the employment contract is sent and signed digitally. In addition, the Work and Income Department uses ValidSign to sign cash distribution agreements. Many more documents are signed digitally within the municipality, but due to GDPR legislation, the application administrators cannot see this.

The future
Digital signing cannot be imagined for the future within the municipality of Utrecht. Visser explains: “We hope that the entire municipality will sign digitally with ValidSign within two years. Every head of the department of the municipality of Utrecht has been informed of the solution and increasingly transfers the solution to colleagues within his or her department when a particular process can be optimized with ValidSign”. Within the municipality of Utrecht, work is being done with the Enterprise Content Management System Alfresco. Once the integration with Alfresco is realized, this process will only be accelerated. Documents can then be sent out, managed, and automatically archived after signing in the right place in the Enterprise Content Management system.

The WNRA- active since 1 January 2020

Since 1 January 2020, the Law normalising legal status officials has been in force. The new legislation focuses on the normalisation of the legal position within the government. The outcome of this change in the law affects the way in which an employment contract should be carried out in the future.

The unilateral appointment of sitting civil servants is automatically converted into a two-sided employment contract. This has proved to be a time-consuming process for public employers who send this out on paper. The digital signature is the solution to be able to comply with the WNRA in the short term. One of validsign’s functionalities is bulk shipping and makes it possible to send bulk transactions to a large number of users. More than 60 municipalities have already gone ahead of you and have sent out their two-sided employment contracts for signature with ValidSign as a result of the change in the law.

Enterprise service bus (ESB) base to Success?

The success of the implementation of a digital signature depends partly on the place in the process where the integration takes place. ValidSign has gained experience in dozens of government organizations around the implementation of the digital signature in the field of process, integrations and authorizations.
A common integration is the integration with the ESB of Enable-U as a Broker between the applications you used and ValidSign. The ESB receives messages and delivers them to the signer via ValidSign. This broker functionality links your business system, Centric, PinkRoccade and other applications to ValidSign to obtain the desired business process optimizations.
The link between ESB and ValidSign will ensure that the signing process will also be quick and efficient. The link offers the possibility to sign place and device independently from different applications.
By realizing the desire for digital services, such as business-oriented working and links to national facilities, many applications and systems need to be integrated with each other.
Based on the ESB, it is quick switching and an architecture (NORA, GEMMA) resistant choice.

Enable-U itself is also satisfied with ValidSign:
Judith Veenstra, Enable-U,:
“Our HR process has accelerated considerably since we applied validsign’s digital signature. Employees can remotely sign contracts that we offer online via their own device and it saves a lot of time in the administrative process. Ideal for HR and genius for the employee.”

Own course with ValidSign’s eSignature

The organization

ORCA is an internationally operating company founded in September 2017 by experienced maritime professionals specializing in both the maritime and offshore industries. The organization has several branches including one in the Netherlands, Romania and Lithuania. It operates largely in Europe, but also On the African, South American and Asian continents. The organization works for a fixed customer network and knows exactly what their customers are looking for. They therefore maintain their reputation by building long-term relationships where integrity and trust are at the heart of it.

ORCA: “Thanks to ValidSign, the response of the contracts received increased by 85 percent”.


At the time, the organisation ended up at ValidSign through its own research on suppliers of the digital signature, where ValidSign came out best together with another international supplier. In addition, their accountant turned out to be an active reference of ValidSign. After having a ValidSign demo and a clear explanation of the digital sign platform, Orca knew that this was the organization they wanted to engage with.

An efficient sign-up process

Orca Crew started digitally signing documents via ValidSign at the end of 2018. The reason for this was that the signing process of employment contracts of seafarers was very cumbersome. Ernst-Jan Kouveld, Manager Netherlands at Orca Crew explains: “There was a lower response than desired. Employment contracts did not come back or incomplete. Seafarers had to print, sign and send back the document we sent, which proved to be unattainable. Thanks to ValidSign, it succeeds in signing the documents in a few short acts, which has led to a huge decrease in response time”.

Improved customer experience

Orca also considers it important that it relieve by digitally offering documents. Command confirmations are now digitally offered to customers for signature. “Preparing transaction to enable our employees or customers to provide documents signing is simple. We add the command confirmation, (external) signers and verification method and start the transaction. Once the document has been sent, the customer receives a sign request by e-mail and he or she can sign immediately. In addition, in this way we avoid any sign-up errors and we have legally things are in order. All employees within the organization work satisfactorily with the sign platform and could be the battle with the user-friendly solution, says Kouveld.”

Environmentally friendly

Another important reason for the organisation to digital signing is that it is an environmentally friendly solution. “Working as an international company in the maritime and offshore industries we always have the environment in mind. The digital signature ensures reducing paper waste and indirectly reducing the forest cap because documents no longer need to be printed. We stand behind this and it fits with our identity, says Kouveld.”

More ValidSign in the future

For Orca, digital signing is an inevitable step Shown. It is therefore no longer possible to avoid the processes within the Organization. If it is up to Kouveld, the solution, not only for external employment contracts and contract confirmations will be used but will soon also be are applied to the entire HR department for, among other things, the signing internal documents. At the moment, the Dutch branch is making optimal use of ValidSign. Kouveld hopes that the foreign colleagues will also platform will be used more to accelerate even more business processes.