Centric and ValidSign strengthen partnership

Centric and ValidSign strengthen partnership

Gouda/Deventer, 12 April 2021- Centric, one of the largest IT service providers in the Netherlands, strengthens its partnership with ValidSign, market leader in the Benelux in the field of digital signing. Both organizations pool their knowledge and expertise to make their solutions even more powerful. The integration between ValidSign and Motion, Centric’s eHRM solution in the cloud, was launched at the end of 2019. Many government agencies have now embraced the solution. MotionSign enables end users to digitally sign HR-related documents, including employment contracts, in the trusted Motion application.

Fully digital

It’s not just HR documents that require signatures. Especially now that we spend a lot of time at home, a wet signature is difficult. It must be printed and the document must be physically sent to the sign authorised. And then scanned correctly. You’re going to have to go to the office anyway. Thanks to the collaboration between Centric and ValidSign, this is a thing of the past, also for decisions. It now goes on completely digitally at once, without trips in the work process to other systems. Whether you work in the office or at home. Apple Egg.

Efficiency and convenience

With the strengthening of this partnership, more integrations between ValidSign and Centric’s core applications are realized. For example, it is possible to have confirmations of birth digitally signed by a doctor and midwife from Centric Burgerzaken. It will also be possible to have other documents signed digitally by, for example, authorities or citizens. In addition, the integration between ValidSign and Centric Omgeving, Centric’s all-in-one solution for licensing, supervision and enforcement, is being realized. Efficiency and convenience are always central to this collaboration.

Effortless and familiar

Maarten Hillenaar, director at Centric: “Together with ValidSign, we digitize the last analogue step. Based on the process decisions, we ensure that, among other things, decisions are signed directly digitally and legally. Without difficulty, from the trusted application that you already work with every day”. John Lageman, director at ValidSign “ValidSign’s valid digital signing offers huge benefits for both organizations and their end customers and suppliers. With our signing platform in combination with the software that Centric supplies for, for example, civil affairs and the living environment, we can serve customers even better.”

About ValidSign

ValidSign’s digital signature solution accelerates business processes by automating signature. Digital signing of an agreement is done through a secure environment and is fully legally valid. ValidSign is the market leader in the digital signature in the Benelux and more than 1000 organizations are currently signing their documents with ValidSign. The ValidSign platform is an Enterprise solution that integrates with more than 85 applications so that the signed contracts are stored directly in the club’s system. By deploying ValidSign, sign errors are reduced and the legal and compliance position strengthened. The solution allows documents from any mobile device to be digitally signed by multiple people. This means a further professionalization of the working methods of the club and results in a considerable amount of time. More information: https://www.validsign.nl.

About Centric

Countless organizations rely on our technological solutions, high-quality IT services and qualified professionals every day. That makes you proud! We therefore do everything we can to live up to the trust of our customers time and time again. By linking our knowledge of IT to years of experience with industry-specific processes in the government, supply chain and financial sector. With this unique combination we distinguish ourselves from the rest. Everything we do fits within the pillars Software &IT Assessments, IT outsourcing and management, Business process outsourcing, Cyber Security, Collaboration &Communication and Staffing. Together with our customers, we develop working solutions that contribute to achieving their goals. Because their success is our success.

Our new Batchsigning solution

Our new Batchsigning solution

We have some great news! Lately our developers have been working on the new batchsigning capability of ValidSign. This standalone solution has not only got a new user interface, but also a lot of new features. We’ll tell you more about the new ValidSign Batchsigning.

What is Batchsigning?

The name actually says it all… You can ‘sign’ a whole ‘batch’ of documents at once. This means that you can upload the hashes of multiple documents at once and sign them directly. Batchsigning does the same thing as ‘regular’ digital signing with ValidSign, but works slightly different. You choose a document, and by uploading the hash of that document into your personal Batchsigning account, this document will be linked to you as a person or organization.

Now, of course, you know that with the ‘regular’ digital signing a document is ‘sealed’ with a hash. That hash is a code that states who signed the document, at what time and from what IP address. The hash also checks whether the document is still the same as before. When the hash indicates that it is good, you know nothing alarming has happened with the document. This is the same with Batchsigning. You upload the hashes of a number of documents, with which you sign them. The Batchsigning solution places in the document the same hash with information about you as a signer, a timestamp, ip address and a check that the document is still intact. When the document opens in a PDF reader, you’ll see that this information has been added to the document as additional information.

With the Batchsigning solution, you can’t specify who you want to send your document for signature, we have our signature solution for that. But where do you use Batchsigning for? We see that there is a lot of demand from insurance, government agencies and other organizations to seal a document with a hash of outgoing documents and above all to timestamp. With Batchsiging you don’t have an upload limit, because you don’t upload the documents, but only the hashes. The signing is done in an instant.

What’s new?

The new User interface is tighter and more modern than before, making it not only look more organized, but also ready for 2021. You can upload large amounts of document hashes, which will be listed in a clear list. A green check mark appears behind each document name when the signature is placed. When uploading goes wrong, you’ll see a red cross and you can check your document again. Clear and easy!

We are especially very happy with the new look and feel of this tool and it works fantastically. But besides the UI update, our developers have not sat still. PDf is already undersigned documentstype, the signature has an embedded timestamp, LTV support and embedded signer information. In the short term, our developers will be concerned with other functionalities such as the ability to choose a group API key that allows you to choose a signer from that group, make the signature visible in the document and make the signature visible with a scribble. And they’re also already dreaming about adding other file types like AutoCAD and WAV. How beautiful would that be? Would you like to know more about this solution? Please contact our sales department quickly!

How does your organization remain reliable for external parties during a new wave of ransomeware attacks?

How does your organization remain reliable for external parties during a new wave of ransomeware attacks?

You may have heard about it, but we would like to remind you again of a possible new wave of ransomware attacks. Since last week, there have been several reports by organizations that have received phishing emails with malicious software. Cyber criminals block or encrypt your files using this so-called hostage software to extract ransoms. Very regularly, emails are sent in the name of a well-known organization, so that sometimes you open the mail and fall into the trap even without looking.

There are multiple actions you can take to prevent a ransomware attack. By investing in good antivirus programs and updating software updates directly, you are already 1-0 ahead. But don’t forget to use your common sense and check the sender’s address with each incoming email and see if it really comes from the organization they say they are.

Now that you know how to prevent such an attack, we’d like to tell you what you can do to be transparent and trustworthy to third parties, at a time when ransomeware attacks are the talk of the day:

Communicate to third parties what email addresses and means of communication are used by the organization

Assuming you have the right addresses of customers and partners, it is important to communicate through which business email addresses are communicated. In this way, each third party can check whether an email from your organization name has actually been sent by your organization, and therefore it is not a phishing email.

To be even more transparent towards customers and partners, you could share a list of unused means of communication. Banks do it regularly. Consider, for example, the numerous reminders you receive each month about the fact that your bank would never call via email or WhatsApp message to make a password change or transfer money. You can create a similar message for your externals.

Digitaal ondertekenen

By signing digitally you can be sure that the right documents will be signed quickly and securely. Documents are signed legally from a highly reliable digital signing platform as ValidSign. The documents are digitally sealed and are immutable after signing.

Now I hear you think, but what if cybercriminals mount a ransomeware attack with an email address that is almost identical to the sender address of validsign in this case? This has indeed happened recently with another organization within the field of digital signing, but ValidSign has found something on this! ValidSign’s digital signature offers the possibility to set up your own sender’s address. This Sender Mail Module sends all sign requests from your organization regardless of whether the sender has their own ValidSign account or not. The sender mail is fully arranged based on the branding of your organization so that each sign request is reliable and recognizable to the relevant signer. Sounds safe, right?

Now I hear you think, but what if cybercriminals mount a ransomeware attack with an email address that is almost identical to the sender address of validsign in this case? This has indeed happened recently with another organization within the field of digital signing, but ValidSign has found something on this! ValidSign’s digital signature offers the possibility to set up your own sender’s address. This sender mail configuration sends all sign requests from your organization regardless of whether the sender has their own ValidSign account or not. The sender mail is fully arranged based on the branding of your organization so that each sign request is reliable and recognizable to the relevant signer. Sounds safe, right?

The three servers that support sending the sender mail are: DKIM, SMTP and Mailrelay. Before you can use this module, a validation will take place in the domain of your organization in which ValidSign is authorized to send the sender mail from the organization. By including these addresses in the list discussed in point 1, you will save two birds with one stone.

Do you want more information about the Sender email module or do you have other questions? Feel free to contact support@validsign.nl.

5 reasons to sign digitally with ValidSign from AuditCase

5 reasons to sign digitally with ValidSign from AuditCase

AuditCase is a CRM system and document management system (DMS) of CaseWare. This software allows the accountant to carry out most of his work in a streamlined way. The combination of a CRM system and DMS system is quite unique because you create a document from your CRM system and it is automatically archived in your DMS after signing.

The link between AuditCase and ValidSign ensures that the final step in the process of an accounting firm is completed digitally as well. There are no more printers and paper involved. The entire process is digital. Do you use AuditCase or is it scheduled to become a customer but do you still sign on paper? Continue reading. We’ll tell you what the advantages are of the connection with the digital signature of ValidSign.

1. The digital signature ensures a fully streamlined process

To digitize the entire process of an accounting firm, only one thing was needed. A link between AuditCase and ValidSign’s digital signature. Since January 2019, this link can be used by AuditCase customers. This seamless link allows the entire process of an accounting firm, from the creation of a document to the internal approval process, the status information and archiving to be handled in one go. Richard Schiphorst, Managing Director at CaseWare Netherlands: “ValidSign’s digital signature was the missing link in our workflow optimization”.

The document is created in AuditCase. The location of the signatures is determined at that time or is determined in advance by a template. Whether it is the contract confirmation, minutes or declaration of agreement, all documents can be presented directly to the customer by the auditor for signature. The customer receives a sign request by mail, following which he digitally signed the document. Should the accountant also put his signature on the document? That’s possible! The accountant can make his digital signature in the same way as the customer. When the signature is completed, the signed version of the document is automatically placed in the correct place in the AuditCase DMS.

2. Your signed documents will be extra protected

ValidSign’s digital signature is fully legal and has the same value as an ink signature.

During a digital signing, multiple digital data is collected. Both the name and address of the signer, as well as the time and date of signing are recorded. When all the necessary signatures are made, the document is sealed and the digital variant remains unchanged. Depending on the auditor’s wishes and the burden of proof of the documents to be signed, additional verification methods such as a TAN code via SMS or bank authentication with iDIN can be added.

A paper document, on the other hand, often stays with one signatory for too long or gets lost. There is a chance that the document will be seen by someone for whom it is not intended. With digital signing, you don’t have these problems anymore.

3. Documents are signed independent of time and device

Wherever you are, ValidSign’s digital signature solution allows you to digitally sign documents including your order confirmation, meeting minutes and deposit at any time of the day from any location. If you use AuditCase on your desktop, you may be sending and signing your documents from there. Is a customer not at home to sign the received documents? No problem! The customer easily signs all documents from his mobile phone or iPad. This way, the signing process is accelerated up to 80 percent.

4. Volledige compliancy

In addition to ensuring the safety of your documents, the link also ensures that your file is fully in order. You no longer have to think about whether or not a contract confirmation has come back. This can be seen at a glance in the dashboard. In addition, with the communication with ValidSign, you are also sure that the organization will perform all contacts in AuditCase, as this is necessary to send documents via ValidSign. This way you also make sure that your CRM is filled and kept up to date.

4. The link is easy to request

The link between AuditCase and ValidSign is easy to request. An AuditCase customer with an ongoing maintenance contract could start using it on the same day. AuditCase customers who are not covered by this customer group are advised to enter into an entry-level agreement with ValidSign or the integration partner of the two parties, Full Finance Consultants.

Do you want more information about the integration between ValidSign and AuditCase or do you have other questions? Feel free to contact support@validsign.nl.


SharePoint Connector updated

SharePoint Connector updated

Our digital signing solution is always in development and this time it was the the turn of SharePoint Online connector. Until recently, the connector was still fairly basic; The signing process could start and end in Sharepoint Online, and contracts could already be automatically archived in the right location. These functionalities already made for a considerable efficiency boost for the organizations that use the link. Some of the functionalities that the stand-alone ValidSign solution has had for some time were not yet available in the Sharepoint link. These include supporting Text tags and using templates. Until now.

What’s new?

The ValidSign- Sharepoint link has been further expanded so that users can sign digitally more pleasantly and efficiently.
Here are the latest features:

  • ValidSign text tags support;
  • Support for using templates;
  • Support multiple external authentication methodology such as iDIN and qualified sign

With text tag support, you can easily use templates. So you don’t have to rede decide where to sign every time. When you add or delete a new paragraph in a document, that tag simply goes along with it. The text tag is simply a typed piece of code that recognizes the sign solution and sees that a signature of, for example, the first signer has to be put there. That in combination with the new function to use templates will greatly speed up the drafting of contracts and agreements.

In addition, new external authentication methods have been added. You can now choose iDIN as an authentication method. Also, it is possible to sign qualified. The qualified digital signature is an electronic signature with a qualified certificate, a so-called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) government certificate. A signatory must have a qualified certificate that verifies his or her signature identity and authenticity through a trusted server on the EU Trusted List (ETL). This requires face-to-face identification to receive a certificate. This form of electronic signing is only necessary for persons who have to sign documents with a heavy burden of proof. Think accountants, lawyers, mayors and doctors. You can request these hardware certificates (where you need a hardware key) and digital cloud certificates through ValidSign. More information about the PKIo certification can be found here.

Do you have any questions about the new features of the SharePoint connector? Please contact Support@ValidSign.nl.

End 2020 safer? Valuable AddOns for 2021!

End 2020 safer? Valuable AddOns for 2021!

In just a little while, 2020 will be over and we will be at the beginning of a new year, with new goals that will hopefully lead to good performances. But now that we are still in 2020 and you may not have completely exhausted your budget, ValidSign offers three security modules that will help you achieve your goals for 2021. The SSO module, the Sendermail and iDIN authentication of ValidSign are AddOns that are now available.

One-click access with SSO

Do you gain automatic access to the applications and resources within your organization? Then there is a good chance that you are using Single Sign-on software. Many organizations already use SSO in combination with their CRM and business system or HRM software, but from now on ValidSign also offers this option.

ValidSign offers the possibility to log in by means of Single sign-on. With this module, an end user only has to log in once, after which access is granted automatically to multiple applications and resources in the network of the organization. By linking the service provider ValidSign to the identity provider of your organization, you can log in to ValidSign using a two factor authentication. This is not only easy and saves a lot of time, the module immediately leads to a greatly improved security. The four entities supported by ValidSign are: Azure, AD (Active directory), ADFS and Okta. So if your organization uses one of the previous providers, ValidSign can be linked to this.

Send from your own domain

One of the other AddOns that you could consider is ValidSign’s Sender Email. With this module, all signing requests are sent from your organization, regardless of whether the sender has its own ValidSign account or not. The sender email is fully set up based on the branding of your organization so that every signing request looks reliable and recognizable to the relevant signer.

The three servers that support sending the sender mail are: DKIM, SMTP and Mailrelay. To be able to use this module, a validation takes place in the domain of your organization in which ValidSign is authorized to send the sender email from the organization. In addition, logo and content branding will be set up to personalize the mail.

iDIN authentication

 iDIN is a Dutch online identification tool. With iDIN a person can identify himself or herself through his or her bank details. The link between ValidSign and iDin acts as a second factor authentication during a signing to check the identity of the signers even more strictly. This is the solution for authentication with a minimum substantial reliability level.

Do you want to make the signing process even more efficient in 2021 by arranging one, two or all three AddOns within your organization? Do not wait any longer, discuss this quickly with your system administrator and submit your application today!