The new AFAS connector is now available!

The new AFAS connector is now available!

The VALIDSign AFAS connector is now available! Since March this year, customers can digitally sign from AFAS with ValidSign. The link allows users to submit documents for signing in AFAS. Any process that requires signing can be monitored from A to Z in the system. Immediately after digital signing, the document is archived in the correct location in AFAS. In addition to improvements to the look and feel of the connector, this release includes new functionalities such as setting up the sender email and includes a reminder schedule. This seamless integration shortens lead time and provides a better understanding of the signing process.

The new functionalities in a row:

  • Reminder Schedule
    Schedule to send reminders in advance so signatures won’t delay your process. The user can specify which reminder schedule should be used per sign request.
  • Personal sending from AFAS
    The sender of the transaction from AFAS can monitor the transaction in his/her own ValidSign mailbox. While the sign requests are currently still sent and managed from a general email address, this update allows you to choose a personal shipping.
  • Automatic removal of the ValidSign environment
    Once the documents are fully signed, they are automatically returned to AFAS, including proof document. These documents will be automatically removed from the ValidSign environment after the update. Of course, it is possible to keep the documents available for some time in the ValidSign environment so that the external signers can download and archive the documents. The default retention time is 14 days. This only applies to signed documents.

Gebruikt jouw organisatie AFAS maar hebben jullie nog geen oplossing voor digitaal ondertekenen? Neem dan snel contact op, we laten je graag zien hoe ValidSign werkt.



Op dinsdag 17 november geven we van 10 tot half 11 een webinar over de nieuwe Afas connector.
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Rotterdam opts for ValidSign

Rotterdam opts for ValidSign

The Municipality of Rotterdam has chosen ValidSign as an Enterprise eSigning solution. After a market exploration phase and extensive research, the municipality of Rotterdam has launched an European tender. From the many registrations ValidSign has come out as the best.

The municipality of Rotterdam signs an enormous number of documents every year. It is therefore very important that the flow of documents is as efficient as possible. ValidSign’s digital signature solution allows the municipality to accelerate the throughput of both the internal and external signing process, reduce errors, and work more sustainably.

We would like to work with the municipality of Rotterdam to guide the implementation so that the first documents can be signed with ValidSign in the autumn.

Sign directly from 200 km away

Sign directly from 200 km away

Burglandbouw is a large Dutch construction company in Dodewaard, Nijmegen. It offers a wide range of construction projects. The organisation is specialised in inner-city building, utility construction, commercial real estate, housing, healthcare and educational institutions. The core business of the construction company is the preparation and direction of the various construction projects in which sustainability plays an important role. Every year, approxamately 40 projects are run across the country in which the 60 employees stand for decisiveness, commitment and reliability. Document signing is always a struggle, so they chose to sign from any location with the digital signature of ValidSign.

In 2015, the organization realized that it was working with a number of cumbersome signing processes. Several processes could be optimized by a digital signature. From a legal point of view, the possibility of actually regulating the digital signature within Burgland agriculture did not yet exist. Vincent van der Dussen, Controller at Burglandbouw: “We have been working with the document management system DigiOffice for a few years, It one of the solutions of the IDB group. When they told us about ValidSign, we immediately got excited.” Burglandbouw has been using ValidSign since January 2019 and process acceleration was the primary reason for aring the digital signature.

Process acceleration and comfort

A construction project involves many contractual commitments. Several parties work closely together to bring a project to a successful conclusion. Both customers and their own employees are often not in the same place, wherefore a document previously had to be drawn up, printed out, signed, scanned and sent by mail or mail to the next signer. This process repeated itself until the contract was final. The signing process could take several weeks. Van der Dussen: “With the digital signature, contracts are often closed the same day since even a signer on location immediately receives a signing request on his phone or iPad and signs from 200 km away.” Fewer actions are needed to get documents signed. Therefore employees not only consume less paper but have more time left and can focus on other activities as well.

Integration with document management system

ValidSign’s digital signature solution was chosen at the time to ensure the usability of the solution and the existing integration with the DigiOffice document management system. Due to the integration, documents are sent out from DigiOffice, and archived afterwards without having to leave DigiOffice. “This is a nicely streamlined process that offers stability and always works properly”, says van der Dussen.


For larger construction companies, guarding contracts and the associated signatures is timeconsuming. At the moment ValidSign is used intensively. The entire purchasing department uses the solution to sign purchase contracts and project agreements. “It is fantastic that documents as purchase conditions or safety rules can be added to the transaction without having to be signed,” says van der Dussen. In order not to lose sight of the signing requests, ValidSign provides a dashboard within the signing platform with an overview of all transactions. The ValidSign dashboard gives an overview of the number of documents sent and (not yet) signed. “When a signing is delayed, one of our employees sends a reminder to the signers,” says van der Dussen.

Future with ValidSign

Digital signing cannot be ignored for the future within Burglandbouw. The Purchasing Department indicates that ValidSign is a user-friendly solution that they started to use independently immediately after implementation. According to van der Dussen, the digital signature could also be used for other processes. The signing of for instance employment contracts is still done on paper, which can be very time consuming. “I am convinced that we will use ValidSign for more and more processes until the entire organization is finally digitized,” says van der Dussen .

ValidSign and CreAim join forces

ValidSign and CreAim join forces

Deventer, 10 August 2020 – ValidSign has partnered up with the specialist in SBR/XBRL and customer portals, CreAim. The integration between CreAim and ValidSign makes it possible to legally sign documents from the CreAim customer portal in a quick and familiar way.

John Lageman, Director at ValidSign: “We are an Enterprise solution and strive to give customers a
streamlined signing process. Like ValidSign, CreAim has a strong presence in the
Accountancy market and the integration of ValidSign with CreAim allows us to help our customers
be of better service.”

Martijn Boshuis, Managing Director at CreAim says: “ValidSign’s signing solution was the
missing link within our customer portal. We continuously innovate and improve our products
so that accountants can go through their processes as efficiently as possible. The digital signature is
such an innovation.”.

The digital signature contributes greatly to professionalisation
ValidSign’s digital signature solution accelerates business processes by
automating document signing. The digital signing of an agreement is done through a
secure environment and is fully legally valid. ValidSign is the market leader in the field of digital
signing in the benelux and more than 1000 organisations are currently signing their
documents with ValidSign. By using ValidSign, signing errors are reduced and strengthens the legal and
compliance position. With this solution, documents can be accessed from any mobile device
and by multiple people are signed digitally. More information:

About CreAim
Since 2001, CreAim has only one goal: to improve your communication and online
cooperation with your customers. We innovate and we continuously improve and we do everything we can to
provide you with a safe and user-friendly portal. Our strength is the unique combination of
innovative power, market knowledge and technological knowledge. CreAim is a specialist in the field of
SBR/XBRL, customer portals and digital signing. We supply SBR Assurance modules,
customer portals and signing software to accounting firms, accounting firms,
tax advisors, bailiffs, notaries and payroll processors. In the meantime,
more than 1500 offices and 135,000 end users have used CreAim software. With
more than 15 specialists who daily support our customers and continuously put our products
to the test. Sometimes we expand the software, but other times we simplify it again.
We always look at the safety, reliability and privacy protection of our

Digital pillar for organisations during the corona crisis

Digital pillar for organisations during the corona crisis

Business processes are accelerated by the use of digital signatures, that’s no different during the corona pandamic. ValidSign has experienced a significant increase in customer growth in recent months, which is expected to continue in the oncoming months. In addition, several existing customers have increased the number of transactions in order to be able to send more documents to sign. The main reason for this is that working from home hinders the organisation’s signing process. Internal and external signers are unable to physically sign a document or there is no printer or scanner available at home.

Signing from home

Despite the ease of the Covid-19 restrictions, most people will still be working from home in the coming months. The digital signature makes it possible to sign documents regardless of place, time and device. From the signing platform, documents are presented by mail for signature to the signatories. In this way, signing processes can be handled from home without the need for a pen. Because ValidSign is an enterprise solution, it integrates with other applications so that documents can be digitally streamlined from your own software application.

Transaction monitoring

In addition, transactions are viewable for users. A sign platform has a dashboard upon which you can monitor all transactions. Every sign request can be followed closely, especially now postal services are facing delays, this ensures your control over the documents that still have to be signed. Do you still have to wait for a signature? ValidSign has a reminder functionality that kindly asks the person to sign the document using an automated message. Therefore the digital signature ensures that documents can be signed during the current crisis and business processes do not come to a standstill.

FC Volendam kicks off with digital signing

FC Volendam kicks off with digital signing

Since March this year, the First Division Cooperative has been signing all its contracts, including sponsorship and player contracts, digitally valid sign. Every club within the organization will be made known by an individual rendition, provided by ValidSign, within the signing platform FC Volendam kicked off last week through a web session.

Remco van der Ende, Operational Manager at FC Volendam: ‘I am convinced that the digital signature will bring a lot to our club. FC Volendam will use ValidSign to sign all sponsorship contracts. In this way we can quickly and efficiently obtain the necessary signatures.’

Despite the crisis of the moment, deals can be concluded and the signing process within the club will not come to a standstill.