Sign directly from 200 km away

Sign directly from 200 km away

Burglandbouw is a large Dutch construction company in Dodewaard, Nijmegen. It offers a wide range of construction projects. The organisation is specialised in inner-city building, utility construction, commercial real estate, housing, healthcare and educational institutions. The core business of the construction company is the preparation and direction of the various construction projects in which sustainability plays an important role. Every year, approxamately 40 projects are run across the country in which the 60 employees stand for decisiveness, commitment and reliability.

In 2015, the organization realized that it was working with a number of cumbersome signing processes. Several processes could be optimized by a digital signature. From a legal point of view, the possibility of actually regulating the digital signature within Burgland agriculture did not yet exist. Vincent van der Dussen, Controller at Burglandbouw: “We have been working with the document management system DigiOffice for a few years, It one of the solutions of the IDB group. When they told us about ValidSign, we immediately got excited.” Burglandbouw has been using ValidSign since January 2019 and process acceleration was the primary reason for aring the digital signature.

Process acceleration and comfort

A construction project involves many contractual commitments. Several parties work closely together to bring a project to a successful conclusion. Both customers and their own employees are often not in the same place, wherefore a document previously had to be drawn up, printed out, signed, scanned and sent by mail or mail to the next signer. This process repeated itself until the contract was final. The signing process could take several weeks. Van der Dussen: “With the digital signature, contracts are often closed the same day since even a signer on location immediately receives a signing request on his phone or iPad and signs from 200 km away.” Fewer actions are needed to get documents signed. Therefore employees not only consume less paper but have more time left and can focus on other activities as well.

Integration with document management system

ValidSign’s digital signature solution was chosen at the time to ensure the usability of the solution and the existing integration with the DigiOffice document management system. Due to the integration, documents are sent out from DigiOffice, and archived afterwards without having to leave DigiOffice. “This is a nicely streamlined process that offers stability and always works properly”, says van der Dussen.


For larger construction companies, guarding contracts and the associated signatures is timeconsuming. At the moment ValidSign is used intensively. The entire purchasing department uses the solution to sign purchase contracts and project agreements. “It is fantastic that documents as purchase conditions or safety rules can be added to the transaction without having to be signed,” says van der Dussen. In order not to lose sight of the signing requests, ValidSign provides a dashboard within the signing platform with an overview of all transactions. The ValidSign dashboard gives an overview of the number of documents sent and (not yet) signed. “When a signing is delayed, one of our employees sends a reminder to the signers,” says van der Dussen.

Future with ValidSign

Digital signing cannot be ignored for the future within Burglandbouw. The Purchasing Department indicates that ValidSign is a user-friendly solution that they started to use independently immediately after implementation. According to van der Dussen, the digital signature could also be used for other processes. The signing of for instance employment contracts is still done on paper, which can be very time consuming. “I am convinced that we will use ValidSign for more and more processes until the entire organization is finally digitized,” says van der Dussen .

Building bridges with ValidSign’s digital signature

Building bridges with ValidSign’s digital signature

As one of the 21 regional water authorities in the Netherlands, Waterschap Rivierenland is driven by the mission “to ensure safe dikes and a balanced water system.” Waterschap Rivierenland operates in the provinces of Zuid-Holland, Gelderland, Noord-Brabant and Utrecht, from a centrally located office located in Tiel. The organisation takes care of various tasks in the field of water management including water quality and quantity, waterway management, flood defences and calamity care.


Process optimisation

Since September of 2019 Waterschap Rivierenland has been using the digital signature of ValidSign. The reason for this was to optimise the process of signing several agreements in the department of Land Affairs. For the conclusion of agreements, the department is heavily dependent on external signatories who cannot sign at the same time and at the same location. Documents were prepared, printed out, placed in a folder, signed internally, sent to the customer by post, signed by the customer, returned, internally checked, the cover letter was added, re-signed internally and sent back again by a messenger. The lead time of this process was at least two weeks. Cindy Lelie, Land Affairs employee at Waterschap Rivierenland: ” With ValidSign, an agreement can be completed within an hour. All necessary steps are now successfully completed in a single action. There’s no longer need for a printer and the documents no longer have to be sent by post to contractors.”


Dashboard Overview

In addition, ValidSign makes it possible to monitor transactions. The dashboard displays all transactions. Lely says: “I can see when and by whom the transaction was created. You can also monitor who has already signed his or her signature and who is still waiting. If a signature is delayed, the reminder functionality will be used and the signer will receive a request to sign the document.”


Customer satisfaction

Shortly after the implementation, the employees were already able to use ValidSign and various business processes were accelerated by using the digital signature. At the moment, the solution is used to sign the user agreements including rent, lease, maintenance and loan agreements. “We stand for reliability and professionalism and we would like to express this. ValidSign contributes to this with the user-friendly platform, the beautifully designed website and the fast support department.” says Lelie. As a result, the customer also receives the right service from Waterschap Rivierenland.


ValidSign Expansion

For Waterschap Rivierenland, digital signing has proved to be an inevitable step. In the future, it will not only remain with the digital signing of user agreements within the department of Land Affairs. “Purchase contracts in the Procurement department and legal documents in the Legal Department are also likely to be digitally signed in the future,” says Lelie.

The missing link in our workflow optimization

The missing link in our workflow optimization

APELDOORN – CaseWare International, van oudsher een internationale jaarrekeningspecialist gevestigd in Toronto, is in de afgelopen tien jaar uitgegroeid tot een volledige praktijk ondersteuner in de accountancy markt. Zij ondersteunt accountants wereldwijd vanuit haar open platform CaseWare Cloud, waarmee accountants al hun opdrachten van start tot eind kunnen uitvoeren. CaseWare Nederland is met 65 medewerkers binnen vier Nederlandse vestigingen, de Nederlandse distribiteur van CaseWare International. Het platform wordt wereldwijd gedistribueerd en per distributeur toegesneden op de wensen van de accountancymarkt in het vestigingsland. “Think global act local is altijd ons uitgangspunt geweest”, aldus Richard Schiphorst, Managing Director bij CaseWare Nederland. De transitie van een desktop platform naar het samenwerkingsplatform Cloud, biedt het bedrijf de mogelijkheid om haar scala aan type oplossingen uit te breiden.

Kwaliteit en betrouwbaarheid

Sinds maart dit jaar maakt CaseWare Nederland gebruik van de online handtekening van ValidSign. De aanleiding hiervoor was dat het proces rondom de ondertekening van verwerkingsovereenkomsten sub optimaal verliep omdat documenten zowel opgesteld, uitgeprint, ondertekend, gescand, per mail verzonden en achteraf handmatig gearchiveerd moesten worden. CaseWare Nederland realiseerde zich dat het proces voor het ondertekenen wel degelijk efficiënter kon. Schiphorst: “Wij staan voor kwaliteit en betrouwbaarheid en willen dit ook uitstralen naar onze klanten. Met ValidSign kunnen wij dit waarmaken, omdat alle benodigde stappen in één enkele handeling succesvol worden afgerond en de documenten na ondertekening inzichtelijk blijven in de ValidSign portal. Daarnaast maakt de optie om een ondertekenvolgorde in te stellen het bijna onmogelijk om foutieve documenten te versturen of om onjuiste geadresseerden op te geven”.

Partnership met ValidSign

CaseWare Nederland is in eerste instantie bij ValidSign terechtgekomen door de ontvangen referenties over de oplossing vanuit haar eigen klantenbestand. In januari 2019 is dan ook de integratie met ValidSign vanuit het CRM- en documentmanagementsysteem “AuditCase” tot stand gekomen. Wat de combinatie ValidSign en AuditCase zo sterk maakt? Het gehele proces van een accountantskantoor, van het aanmaken van het document, het interne goedkeuringsproces, de statusinformatie en archivering worden in één keer afgehandeld. Zowel voor CaseWare Nederland als voor haar klanten geldt dat zij binnen één handeling klaar zijn en de rest geautomatiseerd verloopt. “De oplossing voor ondertekenen van ValidSign was de ontbrekende schakel in onze workflow optimalisatie”, zegt Schiphorst.

De integratie met AuditCase is nog maar het begin van de samenwerking tussen ValidSign en CaseWare Nederland. CaseWare biedt een totaaloplossing voor accountantskantoren, waarbij accountantskantoren zelf kunnen bepalen welke deelapps zij wel of niet willen gebruiken afhankelijk van de opdracht. Dergelijke apps zijn onder andere de PBC+ app voor het gestandaardiseerd opvragen van documenten en met de WWFT+ app de gehele Wwft-registratie voor klanten worden gerealiseerd. “Door de oplossing van ValidSign ook hiermee te integreren zou het proces volledig geoptimaliseerd kunnen worden. Ik ben ervan overtuigd dat dit in de nabije toekomst gerealiseerd zal worden,” schetst Schiphorst.


Alle uitgaande verwerkingsovereenkomsten en commerciële documenten binnen CaseWare Nederland worden momenteel digitaal ter ondertekening aangeboden via ValidSign. Omdat de oplossing naadloos integreert met AuditCase zorgde ValidSign binnen een maand na uitlevering al voor 20 tot 40 minuten tijdwinst op de afhandeling van het totale ondertekenproces per document. “Wij kozen ervoor om de uitlevering van ValidSign middels een web sessie te doen, welke direct na het tekenen van de offerte ingepland kon worden. En al vrij snel na de uitlevering van ValidSign hadden we de diverse communicatiemiddelen voorzien van onze eigen huisstijl en konden onze medewerkers ermee uit de voeten”, aldus Richard.

Meer ValidSign in de toekomst

Voor CaseWare Nederland is digitaal ondertekenen een onvermijdelijke stap gebleken. Het is dan ook niet meer weg te denken uit de processen binnen CaseWare Nederland. Als het aan Richard ligt zal de oplossing, niet alleen voor verwerkingsovereenkomsten en commerciële documenten worden ingezet maar binnenkort ook worden toegepast op de gehele HR afdeling voor onder andere de ondertekening van arbeidscontracten.

Sustainable building with ValidSign’s digital signature

Sustainable building with ValidSign’s digital signature

Since 1920, the construction company has been at the heart of the organization. The 350 employees of the Nijs are jointly responsible for the development of various construction projects. Around thirty projects are run simultaneously either themselves or together with partners. For the construction projects, this modern builder combines old-fashioned reliable craftsmanship with innovative developments, in which the environment plays an important role. The two companies, M.J. de Nijs and the Nijs Castricum provide private construction, management and maintenance. In addition, the organization runs a carpentry factory in which its own window frames and other wooden elements are produced so that it can be sure of high quality.

As a specialist in the field of inner-city building large and small, often complicated projects, obtaining the necessary signatures per project became almost impossible. The signing process could take three weeks. Since November 2018, de Nijs has been using validsign’s sign solution and process optimization was the primary reason for this. The signing process of several business procedures was very cumbersome. Within the construction sector, complex sign-up processes are often involved because there are always several parties that do not work in the same location, agreeing to an agreement. “Bastiaan de Geus, Application Manager at the Nijs explains: Previously, a document was drawn up, printed out and placed on the desk of the first sign competent for signature. The documents remained for a long time and had to be sent by e-mail to the external signatories after internal signing. Which had to be archived manually after external signing. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be anymore.”

“I think it’s fantastic that the management can sign the necessary documents from home even after working hours”
The solution
De Nijs joined ValidSign through another construction company that is already using the ValidSign solution. “We realized that the signing processes within the company could be made more efficient,” said Diane Naber, Purchasing Administrative Officer.
At the time, validsign’s digital signature solution was chosen for its user-friendliness and existing integration with the Docstream document management system. “Documents are archived in docstream immediately after signing and are easy to see afterwards,” says De Geus. The sign-up solution has made contracts concluded more quickly because drawing powers can still sign and return the necessary documents on the same day, the same day. As a result, weeks change into days or even hours. This reduces the distance between the management secretariat, the employees working on site and the office staff. “I think it’s fantastic that the director can sign the necessary documents at home even after a long working day,” says Naber.
Shortly after implementation in the Purchasing Department, more departments within the Nijs followed. The solution is now also used by the Executive Secretariat for the signing of subcontractor agreements and the ICT department has user agreements signed via ValidSign.

Reliability and transparency
“ValidSign’s sign solution spreads like an oil slick within the Nijs,” says De Geus. A major cause of this is the full legal validity that the solution offers. Millions of contracts are regularly concluded by the Nijs for which this is essential. This was a requirement for the management. The wet signature is replaced by a digital signature without changing its strength. In addition to reliability, the Nijs with ValidSign can also offer transparency to partners and customers by inserting its own corporate identity into the ValidSign platform. This was visualized and implemented immediately after the purchase of the solution.

A future with ValidSign
Digital signing cannot be imagined for the future within the Nijs. Once the checkout states can also be signed with validsign’s solution, it will most likely spread throughout the company. This is because business leaders with a huge reach within the organization will work with ValidSign. Several integrations will then have to be developed because different applications will be used within the Nijs. “This will certainly happen in the near future, which will ultimately lead to full digital signing within our organization,” de Geus said.

Secure digital signing? Yes We Can!

Secure digital signing? Yes We Can!

About Yes We Can Clinics
Yes We Can Clinics is a youth clinic for young people aged 13 to 23 with mental health problems, addictions and/or behavioural problems. The professionals working for YWCC help young people and their parents get their lives back on track. Yes We Can Clinics has both a national and international clinic. The international healthcare clinic has been around for about two years now and started digital signing with ValidSign. Safety is of paramount importance at Yes We Can Clinics. ValidSign provides this assurance: documents can be safely offered digitally for signature.

“For Yes We Can Clinics, there is the need for validsign to sign place and time independently”

Place and time independence
Digital document signing is a necessity for ywcc’s international clinic. These are young people from different countries and even continents. Brigitte de Jager, Senior Policy Advisor at Yes We Can Clinics, explains: “In the international clinic there is the need for the application of ValidSign, because then we can not ask if people “come” to sign. We have international patients from Africa, Europe, Asia and South America, you name it. The digital signing of documents is done in the intake phase, i.e. before the treatment plan/treatment agreement is drawn up. In addition, in the evaluation phase, for the signing of evaluation forms. It is no longer necessary to let all persons come together to sign.
“It is very important in healthcare that you agree very well on what is going to happen and for what purpose. You also need a lot of consent statements. Permission to share statements with another health care provider. This process is very important and privacy-sensitive in healthcare. The documents are signed by the practitioner and the patient and/or the parents. This too is of course a reason to opt for ValidSign. There are several parties that have to give approvals and they don’t have to be on the spot at one point,” says Brigitte. “This can then be signed neatly in succession via ValidSign.”

In addition to place and time independence, safety is an important factor for Yes We Can Clinics. “Our target group is very sensitive to privacy and that’s why they also choose a clinic that values privacy,” says Brigitte. This is about safety in the area where they reside, but also about the safety of patient information. “Patient information is hypersensitive information. The whole life story of patients is contained in those documents and, for example, which Medication they use. With ValidSign, the documents can not only be signed legally, but also securely.”
In addition, overview also plays an important role. “The moment we have sent the documents digitally, it is easy to refer to those digital documents. We also have an electronic patient file, preferably with as little scans of paper documents as possible.”

Nationally and internationally
The employees who work with ValidSign were immediately enthusiastic after the introduction. “We really saw the possibilities for other fronts within Yes We Can Clinics.
In addition to the international branch of the organization, the HR department and the secretariat of Yes We Can Clinics already works nationally mainly with ValidSign to prepare the form flow. They format the documents and manage them. Brigitte: “That is also our bet, that practitioners have as little to do with paperwork as possible. That’s not their job. The secretariat prepares it and signs the practitioner. It is crucial in such a system that it does not have to think about it for someone who has to sign.”

The use of ValidSign pays off from day one. In addition, consideration is also given to possible next steps relating to an even more efficient way of working. “The best thing would be if the Electronic Patients Dossier (EPD) and ValidSign are linked together. We did talk about the fact that documents automatically enter the system, now it all has to be stored manually. And linking address information is also useful,” says Brigitte.