Feel free on vacation: empower your colleague in ValidSign

Feel free on vacation: empower your colleague in ValidSign

How recognisable: you are almost going on holiday but everything still needs to be completed at work before you leave. So are the documents to be signed in ValidSign. Documents are still pending, the customer has yet to sign or new transactions have yet to be created. Also during your holiday. How are you going to fix this?
Don’t worry, because ValidSign’s permission feature allows you to empower your colleagues so they can manage your transactions. They can create new transactions, archive completed transactions, and send reminders to people who still need to sign a digital signature, all from your account. You can transfer your transactions to your (close) colleague with peace of mind. To do this, you only need to add that user to “Access to Permission”. This feature can be found under the heading “My Account” at the top right of your dashboard. Below is a step-by-step instruction.

1: At the top right of your dashboard, click your name.

2: You choose My Account.

3: Then, in Access to Authorization, find the right person. Then select it and then pat Save.
This empowers your colleague to manage your transactions. Would you like to stop the permission for your colleague again? Then go back to Permission Access, select the user in question, and delete it. Then click Save. As a result, the user will no longer have access to your account.

Authorized user
If you are authorized by your colleague, you can see that by the additional icon at the top right of your dashboard (see image below). By clicking this permission button, you can access your colleague’s account. In the emerging screen, select your colleague and then choose Manage Start. Then all transactions come into view of the relevant account.
Do you want to turn this feature off again and return to your own transactions? Dat klikt u nogmaals op de machtigingsknop en kiest u voor “Beheren stoppen”.

Defer or delay permission (right at the top of your dashboard)

In no time, your colleague is authorized or can manage your colleague’s transactions so that you (or your colleague) can go on holiday without any worries.

ValidSign wishes you a great summer!

Do you have any questions? Please contact us via support@validsign.nl.

Graphic signature: what is it and how does it work?

Graphic signature: what is it and how does it work?

Did you know that you can add your own graphic signature to your ValidSign account? When you digitally sign documents, your personal scribble will appear on the document. Learn more about the graphic signature and how to install it.

Graphic signature

Digital signing with your ValidSign account can be done in two ways: through the “click signature” or the “graphic signature”. The click signature is generally the most commonly used and is set by default. On the other hand, you can set up, save, and then reuse the graphic signature for each transaction.

The graphic signature corresponds to the “wet” signature; it is similar to the “scribble” of the signer you see on the signed document. The click signature only shows your name and the date of signing. Both signatures are equally legally valid, but given the similarity to the wet signature, the graphic signature is used by many rather than the click signature. The graphic signature most closely resembles the handwritten signature on paper and therefore feels more familiar.

How do you set up the graphic signature?

In your ValidSign account, you can click on your name at the top right, after which you’ll end up on the menu. Here you choose “My Account”.

Then, within “My Account”, you can choose “Signature”. This screen allows you to set your graphic signature. This is best done on a smartphone or tablet, as recreating your graphic signature is more difficult on your laptop/PC. By using your finger or a pen suitable for touchscreens, you can set up your scribble via your smartphone or tablet. You can customize the signature as often as you need.

How does the graphic signature return to the document?

When you offer a document to be signed in the ValidSign environment and you’ve dragged the signature box to the right place, you’ll see a gear at the top right of the signature box. By clicking on the gear, you can choose the graphic signature. After signing, your personal graphic signature will appear here that you have set up in advance.

Questions? Feel free to contact us.

Accountants get your administration completely in order with ValidSign

Accountants get your administration completely in order with ValidSign

File formation is an essential part for many organisations. Documents are correct for your clients and, of course, for yourself. A large part of these documents contains an (or more) signature(s). At many offices it is difficult to archive all documents with signature. Especially documents where clients (or external parties) place a signature on. Het komt regelmatig voor dat deze documenten in de administratie ontbreken omdat deze niet ondertekend retour komen. Hoe zorg je ervoor dat deze administratie volledig én op orde is?

Insightful sign-up process

Voor organisaties is het vaak niet inzichtelijk waar een document zich in het ondertekenproces bevindt. Na het uitsturen van een document ter ondertekening ligt de actie bij de externe partij en is het wachten op een respons. Maar vaak komt die niet. Tegelijkertijd heeft u belangrijkere zaken waar u zich op richt en voor u het weet ligt het ondertekenproces alweer een poosje stil… Maar dat kan anders!

ValidSign automatically records documents in your archive system after signing. In addition, you can send reminders to your customer to speed up the sign-up process. You have real-time insight into all the documents you sent for signature through the sign-up platform. Ook is het mogelijk om ValidSign te koppelen aan uw eigen Document Management Systeem, waardoor het nóg makkelijker wordt om al uw documenten op één plek terug te vinden.

Nice administration

Due to the insight of the sign age process and the automatic archiving, your administration is in order and you no longer have to wonder if something is missing. A digital signature is easy to collect, you not only relieve yourself but also your customers. You don’t have to worry about the administration anymore, but you can fully focus on your business.

The new ValidSign connector for AFAS!

The new ValidSign connector for AFAS!

Deventer, August 23 2019 – – ValidSign, specialist in validly digital signing, introduces an integration with AFAS that allows organisations to speed up the HRM business process within AFAS. Thanks to the AFAS connector, all documents can be easily sent out for digital signature to both in- and external signers. The user can sign on any (mobile) device.

The strength of the link is that all processes that require signing are offered directly from AFAS from start to finish. After signing, the document is automatically archived at the correct location in the system. This seamless integration reduces the lead time of documents and processes. In addition, the user gets a better understanding of the signing process.

The integration can be integrated into existing workflows in AFAS, so that the processes are even more efficient and effective. Employees can easily offer documents for signature through InSite and customers could sign documents through the customer portal (OutSide). This saves time and grants a higher service.

ValidSign’s intuitive and easy-to-use digital signing solution makes it possible to sign documents easily, securely and legally valid with a digital signature. The sign requests are sent in their own corporate identity, wherefore organizations continue to radiate the professionalism that is used to from the organization. Other benefits for the user include improved customer experience and simplified contract management. Moreover, the integration significantly reduces paper-related costs.

ValidSign also offers a variety of integrations with systems like SharePoint, Salesforce, and Dynamics and can be integrated into every workflow. This makes it a real enterprise solution that is easy to scale up throughout the organization. The new AFAS integration is expected to be available october first.

About ValidSign
ValidSign offers a solution for legally digital signing of documents; easy to use and easy to implement within the processes. ValidSign offers integrations with Unit4, Caseware, Pinkweb, My Accountancy portal, M-Files, Salesforce, SharePoint, Office 365, Alfresco, Outsystems and SAP SuccessFactors. ValidSign has now helped many organizations convert their processes that depend on signatures from paper intensive to paperless. Many customers worldwide use the ValidSign solution, which makes it possible to sign contracts with partners, suppliers and/or customers digitally and legally. More information: www.validsign.nl.

The ValidScan: More success with a blueprint for your organization

The ValidScan: More success with a blueprint for your organization

We’re introducing a new service where ValidSign is going through your organization and streamlining and accelerating the sign-up process for you. On the basis of a QuickScan from your organization, a strategy is devised which is implemented with customized consultancy.
Because of our experience within the municipal market and knowledge of digital signing, we can fully digitize the signing process within your organization in a short time. With the ValidScan, validsign takes care of the implementation in addition to the research and strategy.

The ValidScan consists of the following components:
1. The quickscan: a short research within your organization in which the most important opportunities, bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement are identified.
2. The blueprint: the strategy by which the identified opportunities, bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement are seized.
3. Consultancy: The strategy is strongholded and implemented with the right service from ValidSign.

Would you like to know more about this? Feel free to contact info@validsign.nl.

Own course with ValidSign’s eSignature

Own course with ValidSign’s eSignature

The organization

ORCA Crew is an internationally operating company founded in September 2017 by experienced maritime professionals specializing in both the maritime and offshore industries. The organization has several branches including one in the Netherlands, Romania and Lithuania. It operates largely in Europe, but also On the African, South American and Asian continents. The organization works for a fixed customer network and knows exactly what their customers are looking for. They therefore maintain their reputation by building long-term relationships where integrity and trust are at the heart of it.

ORCA Crew: “Thanks to ValidSign, the response of the contracts received increased by 85 percent”.


At the time, the organisation ended up at ValidSign through its own research on suppliers of the digital signature, where ValidSign came out best together with another international supplier. In addition, their accountant turned out to be an active reference of ValidSign. After having a ValidSign demo and a clear explanation of the digital sign platform, Orca knew that this was the organization they wanted to engage with.

An efficient sign-up process

Orca Crew started digitally signing documents via ValidSign at the end of 2018. The reason for this was that the signing process of employment contracts of seafarers was very cumbersome. Ernst-Jan Kouveld, Manager Netherlands at Orca Crew explains: “There was a lower response than desired. Employment contracts did not come back or incomplete. Seafarers had to print, sign and send back the document we sent, which proved to be unattainable. Thanks to ValidSign, it succeeds in signing the documents in a few short acts, which has led to a huge decrease in response time”.

Improved customer experience

Orca also considers it important that it relieve by digitally offering documents. Command confirmations are now digitally offered to customers for signature. “Preparing transaction to enable our employees or customers to provide documents signing is simple. We add the command confirmation, (external) signers and verification method and start the transaction. Once the document has been sent, the customer receives a sign request by e-mail and he or she can sign immediately. In addition, in this way we avoid any sign-up errors and we have legally things are in order. All employees within the organization work satisfactorily with the sign platform and could be the battle with the user-friendly solution, says Kouveld.”

Environmentally friendly

Another important reason for the organisation to digital signing is that it is an environmentally friendly solution. “Working as an international company in the maritime and offshore industries we always have the environment in mind. The digital signature ensures reducing paper waste and indirectly reducing the forest cap because documents no longer need to be printed. We stand behind this and it fits with our identity, says Kouveld.”

More ValidSign in the future

For Orca, digital signing is an inevitable step Shown. It is therefore no longer possible to avoid the processes within the Organization. If it is up to Kouveld, the solution, not only for external employment contracts and contract confirmations will be used but will soon also be are applied to the entire HR department for, among other things, the signing internal documents. At the moment, the Dutch branch is making optimal use of ValidSign. Kouveld hopes that the foreign colleagues will also platform will be used more to accelerate even more business processes.