The double guarantee of the electronic signature

The double guarantee of the electronic signature

Signatures on paper or digitally? John Lageman, director of ValidSign, is convinced that the expiration date of the physical signature has expired. It is inefficient at a time when all information is digitally processed and stored. More than 1200 organizations use its ValidSign platform to sign electronically. Safe and trustworthy.

Many organizations digitize their processes, but forget to take the last step, is the experience of John Lageman of ValidSign. “They draw up their contracts digitally, whereby the intermediate steps are often controlled automatically. But where the entire process has been digitized, it often gets stuck at the last step.” The document is printed, signed, scanned and then emailed to the supplier or customer. “The process is far too cumbersome and you turn a digital original into a paper document.”

Besides being impractical, the process of printing the PDF and scanning it after signing is not secure. “A PDF is easy to edit, leaving the original signature of the sender underneath. Without you realizing it, you get another document back, with two signatures, in which the integrity of the agreement has been compromised on a number of crucial parts. ” He warns: “The adjustments will only become apparent if a conflict arises and you fall back on the signed contract.” The message Lageman gives: “Make sure that the digital contract remains digital and is signed electronically.”

Additional insurance

ValidSign is specialized in the complete management of the signing process. Electronic signing takes place with certificate technology, where the sender/contractor adds the various internal and external signers to the contract. You can do this visible or invisible, with certificate technology. “It doesn’t matter whether one or twenty signatures are needed. The sender, the contract drafter, determines who can sign.” Checking the identity is an important additional assurance that the signatory is also the person you assume. He continues: “If you also make sure that the agreement complies with the open standards, you can archive the document digitally and open it in ten or fifty years.”

Identification, authentication and authorization are often used interchangeably, explains John Lageman. “When you identify yourself, it’s about who you are. Authentication is about checking whether you are really who you say you are. And then you can perform an authorization check. In doing so, you look at the authority from your role or position to act. What we use are the authentication methods to verify that the person on the other end is who he or she claims to be.” When signing, ValidSign assumes that identification has already taken place. “We check whether that is actually true, by means of authentication.”

ValidSign uses various secure means of identification, of which SMS, DigiD, eHerkenning and iDin are the most important. “We include that as part of the transaction.” For certain professional groups, authentication and control are extra important. For example, in the annual accounts and auditor’s report. “Those documents have to refer to eachother. We provide an electronic signature that we are sure has been signed by an accountant. We do this by using a so called professional certificate.”


ValidSign is a provider that ensures that the consensus between two or more parties is recorded. “We ensure that the document is honest and that the identity of the signatories is established. We facilitate transactions.” He mentions the Ymere housing association as an example, where the signing of leases is done with ValidSign. The landlord and tenant can easily sign and the contract is digitally signed and archived.

Electronic Passport

In a previous position, Lageman was involved in the modernization of the municipal database, the idea being that municipalities can convert the personal data with one click when moving house. “In fact, you don’t even have to, you have an administration for everyone.” It inspires him to dream of an electronic passport with which you can identify yourself and share personal data, so that you no longer have to create a profile at webshops and other organizations. “I actually do not want organizations to store my personal data. I would much rather give them the opportunity to use some of my personal data, such as the address details, without them being saved.”

Digital signing offers a double guarantee: you establish the identity of the signer and ensure the document integrity.


Lageman monitors the integrity of Validsign’s role as process monitor. He is an outspoken opponent of commercial parties also wanting to play a role as ‘trust partner’. “ValidSign is there to facilitate the transaction. Not for commercializing the data. Contracts that are completed will be removed from our environment after 90 days. “I don’t want anything to do with the content of the transaction. Ownership of this belongs to the customer himself.”

“We are there at the time of the transaction process. We facilitate with everything there is to complete the transaction properly and then we let it go. We provide an unambiguous way of signing or sealing information. We want to play a leading role in that. ValidSign is there at the time of the signing process, during the establishment and completion of the transaction, and no more after that. We place the burden of proof on the owner of the transaction.”

Housing corporation Stadgenoot rolls out digital signature within entire organization

Housing corporation Stadgenoot rolls out digital signature within entire organization

Stadgenoot is a housing corporation in Amsterdam and rents out thirty thousand social rental properties with an average rent of 500 euros per month. The housing corporation was formed in July 2008 from a merger between two Amsterdam housing corporations, the General Housing Association (AWV, founded in 1910) and Het Oosten (from 1911).

With more than 300 employees, spread over four business units of Stadgenoot, we can say that this is an organization of size. Two business units provide financial and public housing management: Finance & Operations and Strategy & Portfolio. The customer-oriented work is housed in the Customer & Home business unit. The real estate-oriented projects are at Vastgoed &Ontwikkeling.


Since the beginning of 2020, a large part of the organization has been signing digitally with validsign’s solution. The reason for the adjustment of the digital signature was the desire to be able to guarantee the security around the signing process and personal data perfectly. The wet variant has not been able to offer that guarantee at all times. Stadgenoot ended up at ValidSign through their ERP system supplier Aereon. Soon after the recommendation, a conversation with ValidSign was scheduled for a demonstration of the signing platform and discussing the possibilities for Stadgenoot. Ibrahim Hassan, functional administrator at Stadgenoot: “Finding a digital signature supplier is quite easy, but you rarely find a supplier who also identifies as a partner and always thinks along with the customer. We found this in ValidSign.”

Apart from two departments, ValidSign’s digital signature has now been rolled out throughout the organization. These two departments are currently taking the digital signature service from another supplier. These departments have been using this functionality for some time. In this way, each department applies a watertight security for signed documents and has insight into the signing process from A to Z. The organization has chosen to identify signers through a second-factor authentication. This SMS authentication ensures that in addition to email verification, the signer’s phone number is also verified to make sure it’s the right person.
In addition, the IDIN authentication will be used. This way of identifying will mainly be used by our tenants. For example, when signing the leases.

A number of departments mainly use ValidSign for signing forms, assignments and/or contracts by external parties, where the finance department signs internal (out) payment orders.

Place and time independent

The current way of working due to the corona crisis has ensured that there is an increasing need for the digital way of signing. Ibrahim says: “Like the rest of the Netherlands at the beginning of 2020 and in an abrupt way, we were only allowed to work from home. Getting an autograph from your manager or director was a special task. We were forced to re-set up processes. For example, the signatories were not present on location or did not have their own printer. ValidSign allows us to independently sign place time and device”.

Process accelerating

In addition to the fact that the solution guarantees the security of documents, the process is also accelerating. “The lead time of a signature in general has been significantly reduced because a number of actions no longer have to be carried out. Paper paperwork is less and employees have more time for other things. The ValidSign users within Stadgenoot are satisfied with the solution and were able to get started with it after an initial guidance, which is also co-organized by ValidSign without a fight.


Within now and a few weeks we expect the two departments that currently use the ValidSign functionality to be in use and many more documents per month will be digitally signed with ValidSign. In addition, ValidSign and Aereon are developing the integration between the ERP system Tobias AX and ValidSign so that Stadgenoot and other companies can start signing from the trusted ERP system. Once the integration is realized, several departments will use it. Ibrahim says: “The digital signature is indispensable in our processes and usage will only increase in the coming years. That is also why we like to work with ValidSign and Aareon to make integration even more future-proof. We like to invest time and effort in this, because we believe that we get a lot in return”.

Amsterdam Public Library chooses ValidSign

Amsterdam Public Library chooses ValidSign

ValidSign welcomes the Amsterdam Public Library. From now on, the organization digitally signs its documents with ValidSign. Public Library Amsterdam says: “With ValidSign we shorten the time it takes to complete administrative procedures. Documents are signed faster and legally by the parties involved, without having to be present at an OBA branch. ValidSign helps us to be sustainable and digital in our business.”

Centric and ValidSign strengthen partnership

Centric and ValidSign strengthen partnership

Gouda/Deventer, 12 April 2021- Centric, one of the largest IT service providers in the Netherlands, strengthens its partnership with ValidSign, market leader in the Benelux in the field of digital signing. Both organizations pool their knowledge and expertise to make their solutions even more powerful. The integration between ValidSign and Motion, Centric’s eHRM solution in the cloud, was launched at the end of 2019. Many government agencies have now embraced the solution. MotionSign enables end users to digitally sign HR-related documents, including employment contracts, in the trusted Motion application.

Fully digital

It’s not just HR documents that require signatures. Especially now that we spend a lot of time at home, a wet signature is difficult. It must be printed and the document must be physically sent to the sign authorised. And then scanned correctly. You’re going to have to go to the office anyway. Thanks to the collaboration between Centric and ValidSign, this is a thing of the past, also for decisions. It now goes on completely digitally at once, without trips in the work process to other systems. Whether you work in the office or at home. Apple Egg.

Efficiency and convenience

With the strengthening of this partnership, more integrations between ValidSign and Centric’s core applications are realized. For example, it is possible to have confirmations of birth digitally signed by a doctor and midwife from Centric Burgerzaken. It will also be possible to have other documents signed digitally by, for example, authorities or citizens. In addition, the integration between ValidSign and Centric Omgeving, Centric’s all-in-one solution for licensing, supervision and enforcement, is being realized. Efficiency and convenience are always central to this collaboration.

Effortless and familiar

Maarten Hillenaar, director at Centric: “Together with ValidSign, we digitize the last analogue step. Based on the process decisions, we ensure that, among other things, decisions are signed directly digitally and legally. Without difficulty, from the trusted application that you already work with every day”. John Lageman, director at ValidSign “ValidSign’s valid digital signing offers huge benefits for both organizations and their end customers and suppliers. With our signing platform in combination with the software that Centric supplies for, for example, civil affairs and the living environment, we can serve customers even better.”

About ValidSign

ValidSign’s digital signature solution accelerates business processes by automating signature. Digital signing of an agreement is done through a secure environment and is fully legally valid. ValidSign is the market leader in the digital signature in the Benelux and more than 1000 organizations are currently signing their documents with ValidSign. The ValidSign platform is an Enterprise solution that integrates with more than 85 applications so that the signed contracts are stored directly in the club’s system. By deploying ValidSign, sign errors are reduced and the legal and compliance position strengthened. The solution allows documents from any mobile device to be digitally signed by multiple people. This means a further professionalization of the working methods of the club and results in a considerable amount of time. More information:

About Centric

Countless organizations rely on our technological solutions, high-quality IT services and qualified professionals every day. That makes you proud! We therefore do everything we can to live up to the trust of our customers time and time again. By linking our knowledge of IT to years of experience with industry-specific processes in the government, supply chain and financial sector. With this unique combination we distinguish ourselves from the rest. Everything we do fits within the pillars Software &IT Assessments, IT outsourcing and management, Business process outsourcing, Cyber Security, Collaboration &Communication and Staffing. Together with our customers, we develop working solutions that contribute to achieving their goals. Because their success is our success.

Digitally sign your documents with the new AFAS connector

Digitally sign your documents with the new AFAS connector

April 22,  2021 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM

The new AFAS connector enables users to submit documents to be signed in AFAS. Every process that requires signing can be monitored from A to Z in the system. Immediately after digitally signing the document, it is archived in the correct location in AFAS. In addition to improvements in the look and feel of the connector, this release includes new functionalities such as setting the sender e-mail and including a reminder schedule. This seamless integration ensures a shorter turnaround time and offers a better insight into the signing process.

During the webinar you learn everything about the different functionalities of the connector and how it works. The reminder schedule is one the new functionalitities of the AFAS connector. This functionality enables users to schedule the sending of reminders in advance so that signatures are no longer delayed. The user can indicate per signing request which reminder scheme should be used.
In addition the sender of the transaction from AFAS can monitor the transaction in his / her own ValidSign mailbox. While the signing requests are currently still sent and managed from a general e-mail address.  With this functionalitity it is possible to opt for a personal sending.

As soon as the documents have been fully signed, they are automatically written back to AFAS, including an audit trail. These documents will be automatically removed from the ValidSign environment after the update. However, it is possible to keep the documents available for some time on the ValidSign environment, wherefore the external signers can download and archive the documents. The standard retention time is 14 days. This only applies to signed documents.

Does your organization make use of AFAS and would you like to know what the digital signature can do for it? Register now for the free webinar!