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“As an online educational institution, NTI, almost all of our courses can continue during these special times. For our MBO students, we have the internship applications signed by the student, NTI and the work placement company using the digital signature. ValidSign ensures that this is processed correctly, quickly and easily. Especially now it is very nice that we can count on ValidSign.”  

Corona Meerman

Operations Manager, NTI

“Because our employees are currently work from home, documents are more difficult to sign and a lot of work keeps getting pushed back. The digital signature solution from ValidSign ensures that our business processes do not stagnate and documents are easily and quickly signed. During this pandemic we can count on the excellent service from ValidSign!”

Esther Wassink

Juridisch directeur, Coffr Real Estate

Digital signature case studies

ValidSign in practice

The missing link in our workflow optimization

The missing link in our workflow optimization

APELDOORN - CaseWare International, van oudsher een internationale jaarrekeningspecialist gevestigd in Toronto, is in de afgelopen tien jaar uitgegroeid tot een volledige praktijk ondersteuner in de accountancy markt. Zij ondersteunt accountants wereldwijd vanuit haar...

PGB Pension Fund. “Digital signing? Do it right away!”

PGB Pension Fund. “Digital signing? Do it right away!”

The value of digital signing for PGB Pension Fund "Digital signing? Do it immediately!", laughs Frans van Veen of PGB Pension Fund. "It saves so much time." About Pension fund PGB regulates pensions for employees from different industries. In 1953, the fund was...

Wortell significantly accelerates sign-up process

What was the problem? Wortell is a Microsoft service provider in Azure, SharePoint, and Office 365. The sales team consists of many account managers who serve both new customers and existing customers. Previously, contracts were sent by email and it was unclear what...

Let your customers sign digitally with ValidSign

Speed up the sign-up process by having your customers digitally sign with validsign’s hosted service. Digital drawing is carried out via a secure environment and is stored in KPN’s secure data centres.

As a result, ValidSign complies with all data protection standards and regulations. By means of two factor authentication you are always sure that the sign process is safe. Sometimes there is a rush when digitally signing documents.

In this case, you can have a digital signature placed by multiple candidates via your mobile phone. Improve your customers’ experience with digital signing, try ValidSign for free today!

Because of the strategic partnership with KPN (see press release) it is even possible to sign qualified from the cloud (exclusively with ValidSign).

How does ValidSign’s digital signature work?

Managing all your electronically signed contracts and documents is very easy from one location. From the dashboard, you can easily upload the document you want to sign. Then specify who should sign the document by adding an email address and a message. The recipient then gets the document in his or her mailbox and can sign it.

The dashboard shows a handy overview with:

  • Completed requests;
  • Requests that are near;
  • Pending requests;
  • Requests that require your signature.

Benefits ValidSign

  • easy to use
  • Authentic
  • signed in minutes
  • low cost
  • accelerated sign process
  • Safe (encrypted)
  • improving the customer experience

ValidSign digital signature provides security

Speed up your processes

Do you still opt for signatures on paper? Our solution goes beyond the digital signature. By automating document signings, you can easily automate business processes.

Simplify the sign-up process

ValidSign’s 100 CloudService makes it easy to invite people to sign documents easily and securely with the digital signature. You reduce errors and strengthen your legal position

Improve your customer experience

Printing, scanning and returning documents is a thing of the past. The signing process simplified and the customer experience improved. Your customers immediately experience the ease of use of digital signing.

What our customers say about ValidSign’s digital signature

With ValidSign’s eSignature solution, we choose to speed up our work processes and relieve our customers. For example, the digital signature accelerates the paper-intensive process around the format and handling of financial statements and other documents.

Joost Bearda

Owner, BG accountants

After an extensive preselection, we chose ValidSign. Not only the technology but above all the personal approach was decisive. We were looking for a partner who is moving in with us. We definitely found this at ValidSign.


Marty van Asperen

Hr project leader, Radboud UMC

The main reason for Duvel Moortgat to opt for ValidSign is that contracts can be signed independently instead and device. We work together with various catering establishments where the delivery of our advertising materials is part of. We regularly experienced that after an extradition there was no signed catering contract.

Bastiaan Scholten

Controller, Duvel Moortgat

Have your documents digitally signed

The eSignature. Our trusted eSignature solution has been highly awarded by our customers.

ValidSign can be used to sign contracts, quotes, purchase agreements, policies and other documents. Even the signing by several signatories no longer has to be done at one location or time.

Simplify document signingby digitizing and paperless

have your document digitally signed


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