O2 Accountants. "I would be heavily depri without ValidSign."

We always say: Customers pay us to think, not to do. ValidSign helps with that. All that “do” work: print, make sure the associate is there, sign, then copy and save again, in a letter stop. That doesn’t really make any sense if it can be easier. The digital signature of ValidSign is the solution for this, ” says Teun den Ouden, Partner O2 Accountants

O2 Accountants

O2 Accountants is an accountancy company with four different branches in the Netherlands, founded in 2002. Since its inception, the organisation has grown hard and currently 700 customers are served. O2 Accountants is distinguished by the advisory work; 40% of the work is devoted to the right advice tailored to the customer. The motto is: “Customers pay us to think, not to do”. The digital signature solution from ValidSign fits perfectly.

Process acceleration and insight

Since the beginning of 2017, O2 accountants uses the digital signature of ValidSign. The reason for this was that it generally took a long time before documents were signed returned. Sometimes they did not even get signed return. The turnaround time was very long or even infinite. In addition, there was no insight into the number of documents that were signed out to customers. “We wanted to speed up the signing process, but also to gain more insight into the number of documents being sent out,” says Teun den Ouden, Partner at O2 accountants. Previously, everything was by post and the Secretariat had to prepare and send everything manually, often in duplicate. There were many things to see here. Margot van der Sluis, secretarial employee at O2 Accountants, had to deal with this daily and says: “Since the use of ValidSign, our time savings have risen by 70%. Purely by the reduced number of acts. We do not need to print or scan documents anymore. I would be heavily depri if this was reversed again. ” How did O2 accountants come to ValidSign? Primarily by the reference of Accounts Office Accon AVM. Teun says: “Accon AVM was in a trial period with ValidSign and was very enthusiastic.” In no time, O2 accountants could already work with ValidSign. “We got a demo of the consultant and after the extradition we went to work the same day.”

Click & Ready

All outbound documents within O2 Accountants are therefore no longer by post, but digitally sent via ValidSign for signature. Annual accounts, command letters, normal letters, you name it. These are at least 4,000 documents per year. These are digitally drawn up and sent by the secretariat of O2 accountants. “The accountants themselves have no more to look at. They only need to open the mail with the sign request and click to sign, “explains Teun. ValidSign offers a digital platform with a dashboard on which all transactions can be seen. “The dashboard of ValidSign gives a nice overview of the number of documents sent and (not yet) signed. The turnaround time is shorter and we have insight into the entire sign process. ” In addition, it also makes it easier for customers to sign documents quickly. “You notice that the threshold for the customer is lower and the feedback is higher. We no longer have to whine at the customer to sign because it goes easier. “

Business growth

O2 Accountants has grown strongly in recent years, each year by about 15%. “We have grown really, but the secretariat has stayed the same.” The digital signature can significantly increase the amount of work done in less time. The solution of ValidSign, according to Teun, also costs little. In his view, these costs are also recovered. “I never really calculated it, but I think we have earned ValidSign within three months.” ValidSign contributes to the business goals within O2 accountants, including through process acceleration and an insightful signing process. The professionalism of the accountancy office is also important. “ValidSign has a good look-and-feel and it’s professional. That is what we want to radiate to customers, says Teun. “ValidSign is a kind of marketing for us. The tool just looks good. ”

Fully compliant

ValidSign complies with its solution to European laws and regulations. This is very important for accountants. “Accountants often think in risk and find new things even more scary.” But the digital signature is legally correct better than the wet signature. It is easy to prove that the digital signature is legally valid, “concludes Teun. For O2 Accountants The solution of ValidSign was also the ideal outcome to be compliant to the AVG. To meet the AVG, processing contractors were digitally sent with ValidSign. “We were able to send the processing contract with ValidSign very easily via a bulk upload at once to all our customers. In addition, we could easily send all our customers a reminder. I think we have already signed 80% of all the processed processing agreements. In this way we were very quickly compliant to something considered by many to be tedious and irritating. ”  

More ValidSign

Digital signing is not a way to think for the future and will probably be even more automated if it is to Teun: “With us, the secretariat has a dual function. We are not only happy that they do the act, but everything that goes out of the door is also read by the employees without knowing the content. Will that disappear in the future? I don’t know. There is relatively much work in that check. If this can eventually be automated, digitally offering documents for signing may also be automated. The sending by the secretariat will then be skipped. I don’t like it for impossible. ” It is clear that ValidSign in O2 accountants will still be used in the future. Digital Ondertekenem is fully integrated into the business process and offers O2 accountants many advantages. “I wish I had started ValidSign ten years earlier!”, laughs Teun. [/et_pb_text] [/et_pb_column] [/et_pb_row] [/et_pb_section]

Frieslandcampina. "We give them that" wow "moment. "

FrieslandCampina: Even more innovative with ValidSign

FrieslandCampina: One of the six largest dairy companies in the world. The organization is active worldwide with a total of 34 branches. FrieslandCampina’s core business is dairy. Consumer products such as dairy drinks, cheese and desserts are produced and sold in Europe, Africa & Asia. From the production of the farmers FrieslandCampina puts the various products on the market. The wishes and trends in the market are very important. FrieslandCampina is a consumer driven service, where innovation is high in the area of the vane. The latest trends and needs in the market are constantly being looked at. With this approach they came to ValidSign. “How to offer documents manually if it can also be digitally?”, says Joost van Lap, Product Owner at FrieslandCampina. “We can illuminate the innovation side by using ValidSign. Often people think they are already digitally signing, but often that is not safe what they do. or fraud prone. That “wow” moment we can give them with ValidSign. Because it is so simple. ”

Ideal Solution

In a large organisation like FrieslandCampina, many signatures are put on a daily basis. Especially within the discipline Procurement one has a lot to do with signatures. Think of contracts for approvals, so that everything runs smoothly. Within this discipline about 300 people are active. Previously, the sign processes were all on paper. Joost van Lap tells us that in recent years they have been looking for and have worked with different digital sign tools to improve different processes. Since 2016, work has been done with ValidSign. Why? “ValidSign is simple, not too expensive, it is understood and there is a real need for it,” Joost says. “Previously, we did a little cut-and-paste with PDF-reader. We also tried another international digital signature solution, but that didn’t work right. Now we are in a position of: go away with that crap, it’s not secure, it’s too expensive or it’s too complex. We have ValidSign; That meets all requirements, including ease of use. With this we really got a place and I hear that coming back from the management layer. That’s really cool. ”

Place and Time Independent, no Hocus Pocus

Previously, remote signing was not possible, one had to sign on location or wait for post. With ValidSign it is possible to sign the place and time independently. “If someone is on holiday and you want to have a document signed, then the person will just do so via his or her mobile. You are no longer tied to the place and time. From Gee, I have to come all the way to you to be able to sign. This is a good example of how you can save time. You have less lead time. That is the biggest advantage. This is reflected in the business case where you not only have an easy and safe way to sign things, but also how you can shorten that turnaround time. ” Joost also tells us that the workflow is nicely assembled. “There is also another option to create a sort of hierarchical workflow that you can sign one by one. At the end, for example, a director must sign. But that is only allowed if the person has approved for him and has also signed. If that does not happen, the director will not have a boring task. Things can be easily reviewed and one can work out how people were used to working. You do not have to adjust the way of working by ValidSign, it is only supported. You can just work through. As a result, there is a low threshold for adaption. That is also an advantage. In addition, the user interface is simple. No Hocus pocus. ” The experience of other FrieslandCampina employees is also positive according to Joost. “Sometimes I give a demootje of 10 minutes to colleagues, so I can really show you how it works. I also show them the walk-through. Then they understand it right. What else do you want? It is so obvious. I also never received any complaints or bugs. ” What Joost believes is also a positive point is the price and quality: this is with each other in the balance sheet. “The quality is particularly in the easy user interface, but also in the contact with support. The consultancy is just super. They are just there. If something doesn’t work, ValidSign makes sure it works. ”

Digitally sign for HR

ValidSign is also used for an HR process. Employment contracts can then be offered directly from the system for signature. Joost tells: “That’s going to run from SAP Successfactors. Within SAP Successfactors you have a Document Management system, which is offered by Huris. They had first rolled another party in for digitally signing. There I got air from it. I was working on ValidSign to bring more to the man. Then I said: Why do we not use ValidSign? It’s 1) cheaper, 2) we use it already, 3) the interface is easier and 4) we have very good support and consultants available. Well, do! Then I got agreement on the mail. I glad, they rejoice. ” In addition, according to Joost, it looks good again. “The last dots are put on the I, so that we can fully work with them.” Signing the employment contracts on paper is really the last time. “Directly from SAP Successfactors can be sent documents for signature. And you! After signing, they will be returned to the system. It saves a lot of actions, such as printing documents and sending them with an envelope and stuff. That doesn’t have to be more. ”

Safe & Compliant

According to Joost, digital signing is increasingly widely deployed and accepted within FrieslandCampina. “The wet signature we can replace with a digital, which is becoming more accepted. And it is also increasingly seen that there is a profit to be gained from it. Not only in terms of time, but also from security. The falsification is no longer possible. It’s more secure. There are several aspects that touch the needs of the business with this service. It is becoming increasingly sought after. Within two months we had 80 new users. That in itself is not super much I like. But for a product that still needs to be set up within the organisation, it’s really going to grow at the beginning of this year, I think it’s neat.

More Digitally sign

That ValidSign is becoming ever more and more used is one thing that is certain. In addition the ValidSign within different disciplines is brought to the man. Joost: “My hope is that FrieslandCampina will use ValidSign in its entirety. There is plenty of enthusiasm, even more so than last year. Now I see that from the HR process, from the discipline Legal and the 80 new users. Those are really people who are going to use the asset, who will send out documents. But it can be much more. ” In the future, ValidSign will also be working from Salesforce CRM and SharePoint Online. According to Joost they are already working on this. “The more you have, the heavier the meteorite becomes and then it becomes a planet eventually. That attracts ever more. I think ValidSign will soon become the standard and that the aforementioned “Wow” moment is no longer there. Then it is flipped. Then it is: Have you got any ValidSign? “

PGB Pension fund. "Digitally sign? Do it immediately! "

The value of digitally signing for pension fund PGB

“Digitally sign? Do it immediately! “, laughs Frans van Veen. “It saves so much time.”

On pension fund PGB

Pension fund PGB regulates pensions for employees from different industries. In 1953, the fund was established by employers and employees from the Grafimedia. Today, pension fund PGB is active in various sectors, including industry and services. Together with its executive organisation PGB Pension Services, pension fund PGB is working to keep pensions good and affordable. Since 2016, pension fund PGB has been working with the digital signature of ValidSign to digitally sign documents both internally and externally. The fund has a lot to do with signing documents, especially pension contracts and rollovers. These are hundreds per year. In addition, internal documents such as declarations, invoices and decisions lists are now also signed with ValidSign. Compared to signing on paper, this pension fund PGB many benefits. “Through the digital signature of ValidSign, we can sign documents in place and time independently. Digital signing gives us a huge amount of time. It is also clear by ValidSign where documents are in the sign process and who still needs to sign. ” Frans van Veen, actuary at pension fund PGB

From paper-intensive to paperless

Digital signing makes a huge difference for pension fund PGB. Previously, all documents were signed on paper, which often caused delays in processes. PGB reenter, working as an officer in pension fund, says: “Previously, paper documents were lost or we had to wait a long time before documents were signed back. You didn’t know where the pieces in the sign process were. ” In the first instance, digital signing was primarily used for external documentation. This concerns the pension contracts – also called connection contracts – towards the employers. The digital sending of documents for signature was so good that they wanted to use it internally even more intensively. Digitally signing all documents provides time savings and insight into the entire process. Within the vicinity of ValidSign it is clear which documents are signed, which still need to be signed and by whom. It is also possible to send reminders to the people who have not yet signed up. They will then receive a reminder mail. Documents are not lost in this way and the status of the documents to be signed can be checked at any time. “We often have documents to be signed by eight or more people. If this is by post it is very difficult to follow where the document is located. Thanks to the digital signature solution, this is clear, says Frans van Veen. Once in the two weeks, the board of Pension fund PGB meets for the board meeting. Previously, the board members were at least one hour long to get all paper documents initialled and signed. By ValidSign the documents are now sent digitally and it is easier to have several people look at the documents. In addition, it is now possible to sign time and place independently. Also, it is no longer necessary to initials on every page in the document, and only one signature per driver is sufficient on a document. Signing an hour of paper intensively in one location is the last time.

Integration ValidSign & M-Files

For a year, the PGB pension fund has been able to digitally send and sign documents directly from the document management system M-Files. This was made possible by the party Enjoy & Deploy, which has guided the integration between M-Files and ValidSign. In this way, digital signing is included in the total documentenworkflow of pension fund PGB. The ValidSign cloud platform no longer needs to be called manually. This also means that documents do not have to be saved manually. The documents are sent directly from M-Files and are automatically returned to the system after signing. Additional actions such as storing and archiving documents are unnecessary. Documents are also very easy to find. Frans van Veen: “We wanted to do everything integrally from M-Files. Now that we can also digitally sign from M-Files, digital work has become even easier. ”

Secure and simple sign

For pension fund PGB it was important in the search for a suitable supplier that digital signing takes place within the Dutch cloud. ValidSign was the ideal party for this because ValidSign is a strategic partner of KPN. This means that data is kept in the trusted datacenter of KPN and the data remains within the Netherlands. In addition, the Dutch Bank has “the right to examine/audit”, which means that the data centre is monitored. ValidSign complies with strict procedures with current and new data protection regulations in the Netherlands, as well as throughout the EU. Whole for the employees of Pension fund PGB feels the digital advanced way of signing also secure. “A secured PDF file is safer than a scanned PDF’je with a few signatures on it. There is still something to mess with. With the digital signature solution not “, concludes Frans van Veen. Additional SMS authentication is also used when sending digital documents for signature by pension fund PGB. The recipients will receive an SMS-code in addition to an email with the sign request. After entering the SMS code you can only sign up. This creates an extra layer within the signing process. ValidSign is not only safe, but also very simple and can be used without explanation according to the same instructions. After the extradition by the consultant of ValidSign, the employees of pension fund PGB were able to work with the same. The user platform of ValidSign is both clear and user-friendly. Digital signing is and remains an ideal solution for pension fund PGB. Employees would also recommend it to other organizations that depend on Papierintensieve processes. “Digitally sign? Do it immediately! “, laughs Frans van Veen. “It saves so much time.”   Digitally sign revenues:

  • Time saving;
  • Understanding of the signing process;
  • Simplifying signing.

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ValidSign September Training Event!

With its platform, ValidSign offers a range of possibilities to digitally sign documents faster, simpler and more customer-friendly. But do you get all the possibilities that ValidSign offers? With our solution there is more to automate than you think! For example, ValidSign knows many hidden “pearls”, such as easy extra features, surprising features and beautiful integrations. Are you curious and want to know more about the ins & outs of ValidSign? This is a good thing, because we organise an End User Training Event that is very interesting for you. During these afternoons, various topics will be discussed and explained by the ValidSign experts. What can be picked up from ValidSign, what are the prospects and how was the legal validity of a digital signature? During interactive demos We will talk to you and take you into the world of digital signing. Program TRAINING EVENT VALIDSIGN: • Lunch • “Deepdive” my.validsign.nl, including tips & tricks around daily use • Compliance and AVG • New features, integrations and a demo of the latest VALIDSIGN release • The digital signature in Practice: Security & Legal Validity • Closing drinks when: • Tuesday 18 September, 12:00 – 17:00 pm • Tuesday 25 September, 12:00 – 17:00 hrs where: • Office ValidSign, bergweide Dijk 42 at Deventer the costs for this training amount to €249 Euro per Participant. For customers with Premier Support (1 person) this event is free. You can sign up before Friday, September 7 by < a href = “https://www.validsign.nl/aanmelden-training/” > clicking here </a>. We would like to see you on 18 or 25 September!

Rest assured on holiday: Empower your colleague in ValidSign

Rest assured on holiday: Empower your colleague in ValidSign

[Et_pb_section bb_built = “1”] [Et_pb_row] [Et_pb_column type = “4_4”] [Et_pb_text] How recognizable: You are almost on holiday but there is still something to be done at work before you leave. So also the documents to be signed in ValidSign. Documents are still pending, the customer still has to sign or new transactions have to be created. Also during your holiday. How will you fix this? No worries, because with ValidSign’s permission function you can authorize your colleague (s) so that they can manage your transactions. They can create new transactions, archive rounded transactions, and send reminders to people who still need to sign, all from your account. You can transfer your transactions to your (close) colleague with peace of mind. For this you only need to add that user under “permission Access”. You can find this function under the heading “My Account” at the top right of your dashboard. Below is a step-by-step instruction. 1: At the top right of your dashboard, click your name. 2: You choose my Account. 3: Then, when accessing permission, find the right person. Then select it and press save. This will empower your colleague to manage your transactions. Do you want to stop your colleague’s permission again? Then you go back to access permission, select the appropriate user and delete it. then click Save. This prevents the user from accessing your account. Authorized user if you are authorized by your colleague, you can see it through the additional icon at the top right of your dashboard (see image below). By clicking this permission button you can access your colleague’s account. In The upcoming screen, select your colleague and then choose Start Manage. Then, all transactions will be shown in the account in question. Do you want to turn this feature off again and back to your own transactions? Click the Permission button again and choose “Stop Manage”. Enable or postpone permission (at the top right of your dashboard) in no time, your colleague is authorized or you can manage the transactions of your colleague, so that you (or your colleague) can go on holiday carefree. ValidSign wishes you a pleasant summer! Do you have questions? Please contact us via support@validsign.nl. [/et_pb_text] [/et_pb_column] [/et_pb_row] [/et_pb_section]